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Baby Jogger City Select Buggy black
Baby Jogger City Select Buggy black

List Price: 678.80 €

Special Price: 598.80 €
incl. VAT, free shipping

Moon Flac Buggy Lightweight sport black
Moon Flac Buggy Lightweight sport black
249.90 €
incl. VAT, free shipping


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Quick guide to the perfect pram

Combi prams, baby prams, designer prams, buggies, 3 wheeler joggers, double twin prams, triple and multiple prams – if you are faced with the decision which pram to buy for the first time, you may well feel a bit lost and confused. The sheer mass of different models, makes and pram designs is enormous and can seem overwhelming.

But in fact, it's not that hard to find your way through this jungle of choices, provided you think carefully about what you and your family wants to get out of the pram. The following overview is intended as a brief guide on how to find your dream pram more easily.

Combi Prams

The Advantages: Which pram for which purpose

At first glance, you may only notice the different designs of the various prams, but when choosing the suitable vehicle for your child, other criteria should take priority. Here are the most important questions you need to ask to find the right pram.

Baby pram, buggy or combi pram

The "gold standard" these days is the combi pram, i.e. a complete set of chassis, carrycot and seat unit. If you want an even more complete service, you can choose an "all-in-one" travel system that also includes a baby car seat. As an alternative, you can use a reclining buggy with a carrycot, because this can also be used from birth.

Still relatively new but increasingly popular: prams with a buggy seat that can be converted to a carrycot. Then, there is also the classic baby pram, often in retro-style and with modern technology.


Buggy, baby buggy, lightweight buggy, joggers

Not all buggies are the same, so you should consider what you want to use the buggy for. A baby buggy, particularly in combination with a carrycot, can function as fully fledged pram system. A lightweight buggy or travel buggy is particularly light and compact, so it fits into most car trunks and can also be taken on planes or public transport. Shoppers and shopping buggies are ideal for the city and town, often they already have a cupholder. 3 wheeler buggies or joggers are ideal for sporty parents who want to go jogging with the pram or walk in off-road terrain. The main features are large rear wheels and a good suspension.

Tandem or Twin Pram

Tandem or twin prams are a special form of pram. Twin prams are for two children of the same age, tandem prams for two children of different ages. Plus, there are modular pram systems that can be used either for one child or for two – by adding a second seat or reclining unit.

Twin Pram

Important: What to watch out for when buying

Again, the same applies: there is not just one pram that's perfect for every family and situation. So you need to consider carefully which pram or pram set is best for your personal circumstances. Here are some aspects that you should think about:

▪ How much pram would you like? Do you only need a pram or rather a whole set, including changing diaper bag, rain cover and the like?

▪ The question of quality. You should not compromise in this respect. After all, the health and safety of your child is at stake. So in terms of noxious substances and safety standards, you should never lower your sights.

Planning Ahead: When to Buy?

The pram should be towards the top of your shopping list for accessories for your child – directly next to the cot and first set of clothing. After all, you will want to take your child for a walk in the first few days after your little treasure is born – it's fun and will do the baby as much good as the new mom.