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Triple and Multiple Prams

Triple and Multiple Prams

In the case of triple and multiple prams, easy manoeuvrability and handling is of upmost importance, though the size of the frame will inevitably be bulky. It's not just a case of personal preference to decide whether the children will all sit next to or behind one another - often, the children themselves will make their preferences heard. It's therefore nice to have a buggy that has a degree of flexibility to it. When searching for a triple, quad or multiple pram, the width of the pram must be considered, as you never know when you'll be confronted with tight doorways and stairwells.

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Last Modified: 5 July 2018

Buying Guide

1. The Station Wagon among Prams

Space is ace and agility is a must - that's how you could sum up the requirements a good triple or even multiple pram has to meet. But as there are multiple prams from triple pram to sextuple pram, the agility reduces with the number of seats. But for parents of triplets, for large families with many children of a similar age and for child minders, triple prams or prams for four or more babies are the ideal solution.

Triple and Multiple Prams

2. The advantages: If you just want a bit more space

The big advantage of the triple pram is the great amount of space it offers. How else than with a triple pram can you safely and appropriately transport three children when you are going for a walk, and keep them safe from wind and weather at the same time? The individual seats are mounted on the chassis of the triple pram. The seats can be arranged in line behind one another or side by side - making the pram narrower or shorter.

Seats behind one another are an advantage for a triple pram if you need to get through narrow roads or doorways. Seats next to each other can be good as the children can communicate with each other. Most triple prams come with extra big luggage nets or even several separate shopping nets. This makes it easier to store the extra items you need for several children. This type of pram manages to take into consideration the needs of both children and parents equally.

3. Important: What you should watch out for when buy

Depending on whether the triple pram is to be used from birth or intended for older children, it will have to meet different requirements. Correspondingly, there are triple prams with seats that can be reclined down to lie-flat for newborns, and others that can only be used once the children can sit up independently at around six months. Many triple prams also offer the option of attaching a buggy seat for older children in addition to two carrycots.

For quad prams and prams for six children, there is also a special feature you need to consider: with some prams, two children always share a safety bar or even a backrest, with other brands, the individual seat units are completely independent from each other.

If you want your XXL model to have even more flexibility in terms of use, you need to choose a model where baby car seats can be attached, for example the Peg Perego Triplette. Now the triple pram becomes a super-sized travel system.

A special feature of some prams is a steering wheel which makes corners and obstacles easier to master and ensures ease of use despite the pram's large size. But ultimately, the deciding factors for triple and multiple prams are the size and weight. To be suitable for everyday use, the pram should fit through corridors and into elevators.

4. Timing: When is the best time to buy

The ideal time to buy a triple pram depends largely on what you want to use it for. If you are expecting triplets, it is a good idea to have the pram ready some time before the due date - especially as multiple births rarely happen on the predicted date. For large families with several children who are similar in age, the purchase of such an XXL pram is appropriate when you are expecting child number three, four or five and the classic pram or twin pram has become too small. For child minders or daycare centers, the necessity to purchase a triple or multiple pram depends on whether you are planning regular outings with a group of small children who cannot yet walk.

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