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Travel Cots

Travel Cots

Travel cots are mobile cots that can be used as an alternative to hotel beds when travelling. The advantage: if your child has already slept in his or her travel cot at home, the child will more readily accept the travel cot when on holiday and feel as safe and comfortable as at home. Travel cots can also be simply folded compactly when not in use and stored away even in small spaces. The mesh sides and in some cases a zippered opening for easy access are further features of a travel cot. They are compact, convenient and easy to transport.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018

Buying Guide

1. Portable bedroom for the child

Children are surprisingly conservative creatures: they love familiar things and rituals. That's particularly true for a place to sleep. While children usually settle in their own bed and sleep quietly the whole night, unfamiliar beds can cause restless nights – for parents and child. To make sure staying over at the grandparents’ or while on holiday is a success, travel cots are the ideal solution. They are perfectly designed for the child's needs, offer safety and in some models numerous additional features such as changing mat and storage compartments.

Travel Cots

2. Compact, lightweight, familiar

Why bother getting a travel cot at all – some new parents may wonder. After all, the child could just as well sleep in a normal bed or hired cot when visiting grandparents or going on holiday. But the child loves his or her familiar cot, so it's doubtful your child will settle in an unfamiliar bed. And finally, many parents do not like the idea that their child is sleeping in a hired cot where countless other children have slept before.

The alternative is to take along your own cot for the child. Modern travel cots are ideal, as they are compact and lightweight. A travel cot can be folded in a few easy steps and then stored in the transport bag that comes with the cot (or is available separately). Then the travel cot easily fits into the trunk of your car or can be taken on a plane. Once you have reached your holiday destination, the cot is just as easy to unfold. Now your child has a perfect bed.

3. One name - many models

These days, there are many different travel cot types to suit any taste and many different requirements:

Travel cots
This term usually refers to a standard travel cot. It's ideal as a guest bed when visiting the grandparents or if you want to travel by car
Lightweight Pop Up Travel Cots
These portable travel cots are extra lightweight and compact, so they are perfect for traveling by plane. Also, if a family has to take along two travel cots for two children when traveling, these extra lightweight travel cots are particularly handy.
Multimedia travel cots
These travel cots are almost portable nurseries rather than just portable cots. In addition to the cot for sleeping in, they also usually have a changing mat and storage module, so you can care for your child and even store the diaper changing and care items in the travel cot.
Luxury travel cots
In this category you will find travel cots that offer luxury features in terms of design, functionality, quality and versatility.

4. What to watch out for when buying?

Before you buy a travel cot, you should consider carefully how you are going to use it and which features are important to you: Do you want an ultra lightweight travel cot or a normal, compact model? Should the mattress area be height-adjustable? Do you want the cot to have an exit so your child can get out of the travel cot independently?

5. Timing: The right time to buy

A travel cot is surely right at the top of the list of things to buy for your child. But you need to buy the travel cot well in advance of when you want to use it, because you should let your child sleep in it at home at least once before your holiday. Then the travel cot is more likely to be perceived as familiar terrain at the grandparents' or on holiday.

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