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Schardt Maximo White Wall Shelf

Schardt Maximo White Wall Shelf
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Quick Overview

The Schardt Maximo white wall shelf completes your changing table dresser, making it a perfectly organised ‘workspace’. The way the shelf is divided into three sections gives it a striking appearance. But this intelligent division also ensures organisation and overview – and it stops things from slipping out of place, too.

Product Description

At some point, you’re going to wish you had four hands instead of two when you change your baby’s diaper. Your baby’s diaper is full, your baby is flailing about on the table, and the wet wipes have fallen on the floor yet again. Or maybe your baby threw them off the table on purpose, to see if gravity works?

The solution is simple! It comes in the form of the Schardt Maximo white wall shelf. Simply installed above a changing table, it provides a great deal of space for storing those important things that you need easy access to. Here they’re not only easy to see, but difficult for your child to reach. Diapers and cloths can be folded here, wet wipes and nappy rash cream can be stored effectively, and there’s even space for a hairbrush and hairgrips. This will make diaper changing much easier. By using the organisational naturale of the Schardt Maximo white wall shelf, you’ll be more relaxed and can concentrate on what’s happening on the changing table. Now you can let your baby flail their arms and legs around, tickle them, and kiss them. Your baby is guaranteed to laugh happily as you change their diaper.

The clear lines with one shelf, one back wall and two side parts make this shelf fit seamlessly in with other pieces from the Schardt Maximo White series. It is also so neutral that it could fit in with any living space, and any colours.

The special thing about the Schardt Maximo white wall shelf is the way it’s divided into three sections. Two smaller sections, which are half as high as the shelf’s sides, break up the shelf’s long surface and create two separate areas. Not only does this look good, but it’s practical, too; it prevents the stack of diapers from falling, and allows hairgrips to be stored without taking up an entire compartment.

Once your baby is out of diapers you’re left with a wonderful shelf on which you can store decorative objects in an eye-catching way.

Description special features

  • Practical wall shelf made from beech-coloured MDF
  • High quality wall shelf Modern, linear design
  • Ideal enhancement for changing table
  • Divided into three sections
  • Ideal for combining with other pieces from the Maximo White furniture series

Additional Information

Package Content Wall shelf
Name Schardt Maximo White Wall Shelf
Product type Shelf
EAN Code 4042219148711
Article number supplier 08 860 52 02
Colour White
Colour supplier Maximo weiß
Measurements Width 18 cm x Length 91 cm x Height 20 cm
Furniture Workmanship Decor
Storage Shelf 1 open section
Last product update 12 March 2018

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