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Schardt Furniture Sets

The transition from basket maker to internationally renowned manufacturer of children's furniture was long and successful, which can be deduced from the high quality products and the well thought out concept of this traditional business. We attach great importance to safety and healthy living as laid out by TÜV-tested products as well as to the use of valuable, natural and carefully selected raw materials, the largest part of which are harvested locally - these are very important factors of our philosophy.

Price from 39.80 € - 1,588.80 €
Last Modified: 19 July 2018
  1. High Chairs (37)
  2. Nursery Furniture (401)
  3. Special Offers (1)
Stock / Time to Dispatch
  1. On stock(3)
  2. 1 week(34)
  3. 1-2 weeks(61)
  4. 1-3 weeks(27)
  5. Include Out of Stock
Product type
  1. High Chairs(23)
  2. High Chair accessories(14)
  3. Nursery Furniture(106)
  4. Beds(62)
  5. Bed Accessories(10)
  6. Changing Table(66)
  7. + see more
With wheels
  1. Yes(9)
  2. No(30)
  1. Beech(60)
  2. Oak(18)
  3. Spruce(9)
  4. Pine(29)
  5. Parasol Pine(44)
Furniture Workmanship
  1. Decor(200)
  2. Solid(69)
  3. Decor/Solid(44)
Bed Features
  1. Height Adjustable(166)
  2. Slatted Bed Base Included(169)
  3. Toddler Bed Mode(132)
  4. Removable Bars(155)
Changing Table Features
  1. With Drawers(78)
  2. Raised Sides(145)
  3. Removable Changing Tray(143)
  1. -
Clear Brands
  1. 4moms(20)
  2. 7 AM Enfant(19)
  3. ABC Design(199)
  4. Amelis(4)
  5. BabaSling(11)
  6. Baby Jogger(159)
  7. Schardt(440)
  8. + see more
  1. Wood(104)
  2. Tissue(14)
  3. Plastic(40)
High Chair Features
  1. Foldable(1)
  2. Seat cushion included(14)
  3. Adjustable seat height(8)
  4. Adjustable table top(2)
  5. Adjustable safety belt(3)
  6. Adjustable foot rest(8)