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Stair Gates

Stair Gates

Stair gates are an easy and often inexpensive way of making houses, or apartments with different levels, child-proof. They can either be attached on top of the step on the top level, or on the bottom of the step on the lower level. Parents can choose from a variety of materials, from PVC to metal to classic wood, and decide if they’d prefer a stair gate they need to screw into place, or one they can simply clamp.

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Last Modified: 28 June 2018

What You Should Know

Safety for Little Explorers

The whole world is an adventure playground and there is so much to discover everywhere! That's the motto of toddlers who are just starting to move around by crawling or walking, but cannot yet properly assess risks and dangers. But there are areas in your home such as kitchen and bathroom where the little treasure is not very safe.

On the other hand, there are child-safe areas, such as the nursery, where the child can safely go exploring. Stair gates ensure that your child is safely kept away from areas where you do not want him or her to be left unsupervised. This articles gives you an overview of how stair gates work, which advantages they have and which types of stair gate there are.

Stair Gates

An Overview: Advantages, Where to Use Them and Variety of Models

As mentioned above, stair gates help make your home safer for your child. Even the most careful and watchful parents can hardly make their entire home completely safe for the child to move around freely in every room. In the kitchen, the hob and oven are potential danger zones and in the bathroom, there are often hazardous household cleaners.

Not all shelves in your home can be securely screwed to the wall and made child-proof, and not every window has a locking handle. The list of potential dangers in your house and home could be continued almost endlessly – which shows that it makes sense and is more practical to make one or two rooms in your home child-safe, so you can leave your child unattended there for brief periods if necessary.

Of course, you can simply secure a room by closing the door. But it's easy to forget to close the door. A stair gate or safety gate is always a reminder to close the gate, unlike a door. Plus some safety gates close by themselves and are self-locking after you have gone through.

The huge variety of safety gates is quite impressive these days. So we will just introduce the various ways of how different types of stair gate or safety gate work:

Clamp or Screw-Fit
Some stair gates or safety gates are screwed to the door frame or passageway, others can be clamped into place. In rented accommodation, clamp-fit stair gates are ideal as they can usually be removed without trace.
Door or Gate
Stair gates come in two varieties, either they open like a door or they are a fixed gate that you have to removed as a whole if you want to take them off.
S or XXL
The category stair gates includes all stair gates and safety gates that make passageways safe. So they come in different sizes, and there are extension pieces available, for example for closing off a corridor or a whole room area. This can make sense for example if an older child is sharing a bedroom with the younger child.

Checklist: What to Watch Out For When Buying

Before buying a stair gate or several stair gates, you should consider some questions and the most important ones are listed here:

Which areas in your home do you want to close off with the stair gate(s)?
Which makes more sense for your needs: A clamp-fit stair gate or a screw-fit stair gate?
Do you want an opening stair gate or a fixed stair gate?
How wide is the opening you want the stair gate to close off?
Should the stair gate open with one hand or do you want a mechanism that requires two hands?
Which material goes best with your interior furnishings?

Planning Ahead: Best Time to Buy

No parent can predict precisely when their child will be on the move, so you should not wait too long with buying a stair gate. You can already start planning when your child is around six months old. That's the best time to work out the lists mentioned above, so you can start ordering the stair gates in time and start installing them where they are needed, and everything is ready once your child is mobile.

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