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Safety Gate Accessories

Safety Gate Accessories

Living spaces are just as individual as their inhabitants. Consequently, not every safety gate is going to fit onto every door or stairway. With the right accessories however, you can turn your safety gate into an all-rounder and provide ideal security for your children. Gate extensions ensure your safety gate fits exactly into place in every doorframe or for every width of stairs. They can also extend the safe area across two parallel doors, for example.

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Last Modified: 13 July 2018

Your Shopping Guide

Does Not Fit – No Such Thing!

Among the stair gates and safety gates, the safety gate accessories have the same role as extras in a film or on stage: They usually attract little attention. But in practice, hardly anything would work if they were not there. The accessories ensure that stair gates and safety gates can be adapted in width and height to the local conditions. What use is the prettiest stair gate, if it is not attached properly to the wall and the child can simply crawl right past it?!

Safety Gate Accessories

Advantages and Variety of Models

They adapt, they compensate, they can raise or widen – we are of course talking about the virtually endless range of safety gate accessories for stair gates and safety gates. In many cases, the standard stair and safety gates are not compatible with the conditions in your own home. Not everyone lives in a standard sized home. But which accessories are right for you? Here is a brief overview of the most common accessory types and some hints on when you might need them.

This accessory serves to adapt the width of stair gates and safety gates so they can close off a staircase or doorway. Extensions are available in different sizes.
Expansion Units
These accessories are basically identical with the extension, but these expansion units have been developed for expanding configurable gates. So we are not talking about extending the gate by a few centimetres, but of modules of around half a meter.
Bannister Holders and Add-On Clamps
In theory, a stair gate is a simple construction. But often, standard-sized stair gates do not fit for your own stairs. Accessories from the category banister holders and add-on clamps can help. These accessories can help attach stair gates to stair banisters and the like.
Base Plates
These accessories are attached to the bottom bar of a stair gate or safety gate and bridge the gap between the strut you have to step over and the floor. This creates greater safety for children and adults alike.

What to Watch Out For When Buying

Safety and compatibility are the key concepts. The safety aspect is obvious: Only a safe, tested accessory item can ensure your stair gate or safety gate remains fully functional.

In terms of compatibility, you need to check if the accessory is right for the stair gate or safety gate you have. In addition to size and looks, you need to ensure the connections and fixings are right.

When to Buy the Accessories?

Safety gate accessories should be purchased at the same time as the stair gate or safety gate. You need to have the safety gates in place and firmly installed when your child starts to be on the move. The important factor is that you start planning early on and allow enough time for delivery and installation of your safety devices.

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