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Safety Bed Rails

Safety Bed Rails

A child’s bed should be a place of rest and shelter. Unpleasant accidents should have no place here – yet unfortunately, they do happen rather often. With a safety bed rail parents can ensure that their child won’t fall out of bed in their sleep, causing painful injuries to themselves. Safety bed rails quite simply attach into the bed slats. However, the individual bars of the safety bed rail should never be more than 7.5cm apart – your child’s head should not be able to fit between the bars. Most models allow you to adjust their length, and can be used at a length of between 80cm and 140cm.

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Last Modified: 25 July 2018

Your Shopping Guide

Safe Through the Night

"Finally big" – most children are thrilled when they can move from the cot to the junior bed or even straight to a real, big bed. To make sure they can safely enjoy their new bed, you should remember that children are still used to being able to roll around the bed without falling off.

To offer the same protection in the big bed, you should use a safety bed rail to make it safe. This is constructed in such a way that your child can get into and out of bed without help, but cannot accidentally roll out of bed during the night.

Safety Bed Rails

Advantages and Variety of Models

A bed should be a safe place that offers cosy comfort and security, so children can relax and sleep peacefully. If this is not the case, it becomes difficult (or even more difficult) to get the little explorer to go to bed in the evening. A child who has fallen out of bed will be more reluctant to go to bed and will find it harder to get a good night's sleep.

As many children dream very vividly and move around their bed a lot, the danger of falling out is greater for children than for adults. Safety bed rails offer protection from falling out and enable your child to still get out of bed without help. A bed rail does not extend along the full length of the bed, but leaves space at the head and/or foot end for your child to climb out.

Variety in Materials and Design
Safety bed rails are available in very different materials and designs. For example, there are wooden safety bed rails, in natural shades or bright colors. Plus you can get models consisting of a metal frame with mesh cover. There are square and oval safety bed rails, so they can be matched perfectly to the child's bedroom.
Specialists for On the Go
Most safety bed rails are intended for use at home. But there are also some specialists for on the go among the safety bed rails: travel bed rails. These can be easily folded and unfolded, so you can take them with you when traveling or send them along if the child is staying over at the grandparents'. Some travel bed rails come with a matching transport bag.

What To Watch Out For When Buying

Safety, safety and more safety – that's the most important criteria when buying a safety bed rail. You should pay particular attention to the following aspects:

The construction in itself needs to be sturdy; after all, it should stop your child from rolling against it during the night.
It also matters how the rail attaches to the bed. There are different safety mechanisms.
Distance of Bars
With safety bed rails that have bars, the distance between the bars should not be so great that your child's head can fit through.

Last But Not Least: When is the Best Time to Buy?

As the danger of falling out of bed is greatest for small children, the safety bed rail should be bought directly together with the junior bed or big bed. This ensures your child can sleep safely and peacefully in his or her bed right from day one.

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