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Retractable Stair Gates

Retractable Stair Gates

Soft, but not elastic: With these characteristics, retractable stair gates do more than just help protect children from the dangers of stairs or specific rooms. Their flexible material prevents children from climbing up them, and also prevents their hands from getting pinched by the material. A retractable safety gate is also very compact, and is hardly visible when not in use: When rolled up completely, it stays out of the way and therefore prevents any harmful trip hazards.

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Last Modified: 14 June 2018

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The (Almost) Invisible Safety Experts

Climbing the stairs is an art and requires a high degree of concentration for a child. So it's no wonder that toddlers take quite a while before they learn to safely master the stairs. Until then, it's essential to effectively secure stairways so the little explorers do not try to go up or down the stairs when unsupervised.

In order to properly close off the stairs, it makes senses to use standardised, TÜV-approved and safety tested safety systems. This includes, for example, retractable stair gates. They fulfil the same purpose as a stair gate – and yet differ in some important details. The qualities and advantages of retractable stair gates are described in this section.

Retractable Stair Gates

Compact, Flexible, Soft – The Advantages At A Glance

There are many reasons why you may decide to choose a retractable stair gate to make your stairway safe. Here are the most important arguments in favour of a retractable stair gate:

Safety for the Little Explorer
A basic comment first of all. The time when your child starts to be on the move is a milestone in your child's life and also in the life of the parents. From now on, your child can decide independently where he or she wants to go, what to hold and where to carry items. The entire range of action becomes greater. In order to keep your child safe during the exploration around your home and prevent inadvertent danger, it's now time to make your home child-safe. This includes closing off areas that may be dangerous, such as the kitchen or the stairway.
Compact Size
One of the big advantages of a retractable stair gate is the compact design. They do not swivel sideways to open, but retract compactly. So you can use a retractable stair gate even on stairs where a swing-open stair gate would not have enough space. Plus, there are no bars across the floor with a retractable stair gate, so they present no trip hazard on the stairs.
Crumple Zone Included
Retractable stair gates are made of soft, non-stretchy material. On the one hand, it's these qualities that make it possible for the stair gate to retract and unroll as needed. On the other, these qualities ensure that the child cannot hurt himself when bumping into the gate, or try to climb over it.
Flexible To Use
Retractable stair gates can be used even on stairs where some other stair gates may not fit. This makes retractable stair gates ideal as protection in homes with an unusual design or size of stairs.
More Than Just a Stair Gate
Of course, retractable stair gates can also be used to close off doorways or corridors. Here, it's important to ensure that the retractable stair gate is wide enough to close off the required space.

What to Watch Out For When Buying

Before buying, you should ensure that the relevant attachment mechanism is suitable for the stairs where you want to use the retractable stair gate.

And Last But Not Least: When to Buy?

Retractable stair gates are there to protect your child, so you should have them in place as soon as your child shows signs of being on the move. You need to start planning, buying and installing them well in time, before your child starts to crawl or even walk.

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