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Configurable Gates

Configurable Gates

Configurable gates are real all-rounders when it comes to child safety: This variable and adjustable gate system makes even the smallest nook nice and safe in your home. Thanks to its different mounting sides, special danger zones such as chimneys or wide staircases can be just as easily sealed off as patios and rooms. What’s nice for children is that these configurable gates create a safe, yet roomy area to play around in.

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Last Modified: 12 July 2018

Further Information

The Versatile Version of the Gate

Room divider, play pen, fire guard, stair gate – configurable gates are all of these in one. They can be used in many versatile ways, be reconfigured and extended or shortened flexibly. Sometimes they provide a safe place for your child to play in, sometimes they enable you to subdivide your home into a zone for children and a zone for keeping the children out, and yet another time, they prevent your child from accessing danger areas such as stairs. They are the jack of all trades among the protective gates.

Numerous Advantages and Options

Configurable Gates

Due to their previously mentioned versatility, configurable gates can be used in many different ways. Here is a brief overview of the most common options and where to use them. Incidentally: Even a configurable gate can be further expanded by adding accessories, should the need arise.

Play Pen
A play pen has several advantages. It provides a safe place for your child to play and rest. The inside can be equipped with a blanket or playmat. With appropriate toys and your child's favourite teddy, the play pen becomes a nursery right in the middle of your living room. A particularly convenient feature of using a configurable gate as a play pen is that you can integrate a door. This makes it easier for you as parents to reach your child, and you do not need to clamber over the side of the play pen.
Room Divider
Whether in the shared bedroom of an older and younger child or in the living room – sometimes it's necessary or convenient to separate rooms into a toddler's corner and an area that you do not want the younger child to access alone. Configurable gates are ideal for this purpose, as you can also arrange them into an arc or zigzag shape. The important point is that both ends need to be firmly attached to the wall.
Stair Gates
Configurable gates are also great for closing off stairways. The advantage is that you can place the configurable gate a bit further away from the stairs, so you do not need to be on the stairs to open the stair gate.
Fire Guard
Another classic way of using the configurable gate is as fireguard. This keeps small children safely away from the fire and prevents accidental burns.

What to Watch Out For When Buying

When buying a configurable gate, you should first of all look for safety and quality. Only then can you be sure that the configurable gate offers safety. In terms of stability, it's particularly important to check if the feet of the supports are sufficiently large. Plus the wall attachments need to be sturdy. And finally, the distance between the bars should be too narrow for a child's head to fit through.

Configurable gates are quite large and tend to dominate the room, so it makes sense to take the design into account as well. After all, a configurable gate will be a fixed part of your home for quite some time.

Planning Ahead: When to Buy?

The best time to buy a configurable gate depends on how you want to use it. If you want to subdivide a room or use the gate as play pen, it makes sense to buy it while your child is still a baby. If you want the gate as a stair gate to keep your inquisitive child away from stairs, it's enough to buy the configurable gate shortly before your child becomes mobile.

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