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Safety Gates

Safety Gates

When babies learn to walk, this is not an easy time for young parents: When your little explorer starts discovering the world there are hazards everywhere. Safety gates act like bodyguards for your child during these months, and protect them in particularly dangerous places. Above all stairs are places that cause major accidents for young children, and are the reason for many parents calling the emergency services; be it for a bruise, or for a hard knock to the head. But danger can even be found behind the kitchen door, or in Dad's study. As well as stair gates and stair gates, cooker guards can prevent bad accidents from happening. There are even special stair gates on the market for homes with chimneys and furnaces.

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Last Modified: 13 July 2018

Buying Guide

1. Discreet helpers with a huge impact

The world is a playground – at least, it is in the eyes of a toddler. Stairs, stoves, open windows, fireplaces: All of these things are irresistable in the eyes of a child. To stop your little explorers from venturing out by themselves and putting themselves at risk of injury, there are safety gates, stair gates, bed gates and more. These discreet helpers make your home child-friendly.

Safety Gates

2. Safety at home – the advantages

Children are naturally curious, and most parents will want to encourage this curiosity as much as possible. It is through exploration and discovery of their surroundings, after all, that children learn. However, each household, flat or garden has areas thatpose a risk for a child - whether it’s the staircase, the fireplace in the living room, the pond in the garden, or the stove in the kitchen. With the right safety gate, however, all of these areas can be safely sealed off. But these safety and stair gates come with another advantage: They can seal off parents‘ or older siblings‘ bedrooms, or any areas that you do not want your child to cause chaos in.

3. Door, stairs, stove – A safety gate for each area

The range of safety gates is as extensive as the possible hazards to be found in the home. There is an important distinction in the types of stair and safety gates available: On the one hand there is the gate that can be screwed permanently into the wall or doorframe. This type has the advantage of creating a fixed attachment. The other type is the pressure fit safety gate. This is clamped into place between two doorframes or walls, and can be removed at any time. This makes them ideal for use in rented homes. In addition, there is a whole range of gates on offer – specially designed for different needs and uses.

Stair gates and retractable Stair Gates
This type securely seals off the top or bottom of a staircase. Stair gates have the advantage of being extremely stable. Retractables Stair gate are very compact, and take up minimal space
Door safety gates
These can be screwed or clamped into place in a doorway, and be used to seal off individual rooms. They can also, and especially when combined with configurable safety gates, be used to seal off specific areas of a room. Fence gates fulfill the same purpose as door safety gates, and can be extended with configurable safety gates.
Configurable Gates
These often seal off hot stoves or ovens, so there is no risk of your child burning themselves on them.
Pet gates
These are a must for any household with dogs. These stop children and dogs from playing with one another unsupervised, and prevent any injuries that could arise from this situation.
Safety Bed rails
These are ideal for preventing babies from rolling out of their beds at night.

4. The essential criteria: Please take note before making your purchase

When choosing a suitable safety gate, it is important to pay attention to a few factors: There is a minimum height that each safety gate should have to prevent children from being able to climb over them. This is 60 cm. Some safety gates have accessories used to make them higher. It is also important that the bars on the safety gates are close enough together to prevent your child from being able to stick their head through them. Finally, the locks on the safety gates must be so secure that even the cleverest of young explorers can’t open them. Warning: Young children are very imaginative at this stage in their lives!

5. Timing: When should you buy a safety gate?

Exactly when you should start kitting out your home with safety gates depends on when your child starts beginning to move around. As soon as your child is able to move around independently, whether this is through crawling, sliding, rolling or walking, you should start making your home child-friendly.

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Safety Gate Height
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Safety Gate Features
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  5. Pressure Fit(72)
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