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Lightweight Buggies

Lightweight Buggies

People often want a very lightweight secondary buggy, for use on long outings and journeys, or to stow in the boot of a car. Typically, these buggies are easy to fold, and easy to store. The backrest can usually only be adjusted into a few positions, and a lying position is very rare.

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Last Modified: 20 July 2018

Buying Guide

1. The buggy for leisure, city, holiday

How can I take my child along to the café in the buggy? Which buggy can I take on a plane? Which buggy is easy enough to carry when going by car, train or bus? All these situations are a job for lightweight buggies. These special buggies are characterised by a very low weight and/or a compact construction.

Lightweight Buggies

2. The advantages of compact lightweights

Large buggies, prams in particular, are great for taking new-orns out and about. Here, the smallest babies are well protected: the vulnerable back area is supported and external influences only reach the inside through the filter of the carrycot. But for older children, lightweight buggies are great. And even newborns can be transported safely and appropriately to their age in certain lightweight buggies, at least at short distance. Some models are designed in such a way that the baby can lie flat in new-born position.

Lightweight buggies have a low weight and compact size, so they are easy to manoeuvre through tight supermarket aisles or between tables in a restaurant or café. They take up less space when parked, which is important if the buggy has to be stored at home in the entrance area. And last but not least, most lightweight buggies fold very compactly, so they fit into even a small car boot and can be taken along when travelling in addition to suitcases and bags. And if you are travelling by plane, you also need a lightweight buggy.

Plus, most lightweight buggies offer a high degree of comfort - both for the little passengers and for the parents: adjustable backrests and leg rests, large sun canopy, shopping basket, proper tyres and suspension, plus height adjustable handles or ergonomically shaped handles - many travel and city buggies now offer these features.

3. What to watch out for when buying

With lightweight buggies in particular, there are considerable differences in terms of features, so you should never just look at the price when making a choice. Depending on the buggy's area of application, they are designed for very specific purposes,so you need to think about how you are going to use the lightweight buggy.

The comfy city buggy:
If you are going to use the lightweight buggy immediately after the pram phase as main buggy, the comfortable city buggy is ideal. These buggies are used on a regular basis and often even for very small kids, so features such as lie-flat position, large canopy, shopping basket and a good suspension are a must.
The sporty buggy:
These lightweight buggies are good for taking on trips with longer walks. So these buggies have larger wheels, decent suspension and a large canopy.
The travel companion:
Small, lightweight and compact - these are the most important criteria of a holiday buggy. Only then will it fit into your car or be easy to take on a plane. A large canopy is important if you are travelling to hotter countries.

4. Now or later - the best time to buy

The best time to buy a lightweight buggy depends on the subcategory you choose. It is also important to consider delivery periods. So if you need a holiday buggy, you should not wait until a few days before the trip to do research and make your choice.

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