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Baby Buggies

Baby Buggies

Lie-flat buggies are designed for newborns. It is their adjustable horizontal backrest which makes this possible. Equipped with a sleeping cot, or sometimes with a handy space for accessories, they are not inferior to a classic pram. Later on down the line, the backrest can simply be adjusted as necessary.

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Last Modified: 31 July 2018

Additonal information

1. The buggy even for newborns

You can get them for the city, for the countryside, in classic design and in a futuristic look. You can get some with comprehensive accessories or just the bare necessities. But despite all differences, they all have one thing in common: their agility and the option to use them even for newborns. We are of course talking about baby buggies - the special form of buggy that is suitable for children from zero months to the end of the buggy phase.

Baby Buggies

2. Many advantages - what it can do

At first, a few general words on how the baby buggy works. As all buggies, baby buggies consist of a chassis and seat unit. This is either fixed permanently to the chassis or can be removable, depending on the model. The special feature of a baby buggy is that the backrest and leg rest are adjustable so you can create a lie-flat position. As a result, this special form of buggy is suitable even for newborns. The lie-flat position is important to offer support for the newborn's very weak back.

This description has already mentioned advantage number one: a long period of use. The baby buggy can be used from birth to the end of the buggy phase, once your child is around three years old. This means that you only need to purchase and store one single buggy for the whole buggy stage. The baby buggy is great for your budget and the available space in your home.

Plus a baby buggy, just as most other buggies, is constructed to be more agile and lightweight than the classic pram for newborns. This makes it easier for parents and families to stay mobile with baby in tow. A baby buggy is easier to fit into the car boot, can be carried up the stairs and is also easy to maneuver in the supermarket or on a busy pedestrian area.

3. Planning ahead - the right time to buy

If you are using the baby buggy as your only buggy, it's important to buy it early. Early means: the buggy should be ready at home before the birth. And as very few children arrive on their exact due date, it's a good idea to have the buggy ready a few weeks before the due date.

It's a different story if the baby buggy is going to be a spare buggy. Then you can wait with buying it until after the birth. But in either case you should consider that baby buggies can sometimes have long delivery periods.

4. Do not forget - what to remember when buying

As mentioned above, there are baby buggies for different requirements. So it's important to consider before the purchase if your buggy is intended for use primarily in the city, going on nature walks, or both. City and travel buggies are particularly lightweight, compact and agile. Off-roaders have excellent suspension and are easy to push on uneven terrain. And all-rounders can be used both in town and on a walk through the woods.

Another important question is whether the baby buggy should have a fixed seat unit or if you want a removable and perhaps reversible seat. Plus you have the choice between four-wheel and three-wheel buggies. And finally, there is a wide range of different designs, features and price classes.

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