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The buggy is available in many designs: from the simple and compact to products that resemble a pushchair or 'jogger' in terms of their features and comfort. In terms of features, however, there some are applicable to all buggies, even the most expensive and exclusive types: buggies have an adjustable backrest, in order for the child to lie down and sleep whenever they so desire, handlebar grips are often very soft and ergonomically shaped, and the head of the child is comfortably padded.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018

Buying guide

1. The right time

Once children get older and grow out of their pram or sports seat, the time has come to purchase a buggy. Although many buggies give you the option of reclining the backrest, it is generally a good idea to wait until your child can sit up properly and support his or her head before you move them to a buggy.


2. Advantages

Buggies are generally more lightweight and compact than normal prams. This makes them ideal for traveling as they can fold up small and are easy to store. But buggies are also great for use in town as they are agile, convenient and easy to push.

3. Which model is best for you - Overview

Baby Buggies – Comfortable and lightweight t
Baby buggies are buggies where the backrest can be fully reclined. Often they have additional accessories such as newborn inserts or baby nests which enable you to use the buggy for newborn babies.
Cheap Buggies – Flexible and lightweight
Cheap buggies are buggies where the backrest does not recline. These are not suitable for newborns and should only be used for children aged six months and over, once the child can sit up independently. Thanks to their lightweight construction, basic buggies are mainly suitable for traveling and trips.
Pushchairs - The All-rounder
Pushchair buggies often have the same features as a pram travel system. Pushchair buggies are particularly ideal if you are traveling over bumpy terrain and at the beach. The backrest of most pushchair buggies can be reclined down to lie-flat. Luxury pushchair models have many additional features such as a harness system and safety bar.
Lightweight Buggies - Ideal for Traveling
As the name indicates, the main feature of the lightweight buggy is its low weight. Lightweight buggies are quick and easy to fold and can be stored in small spaces. These buggies are particularly handy for traveling by car or plane.
Buggies for Shopping - Perfect for everyday use
Buggies for shopping are the perfect companions for everyday use. Whether you are going to the kindergarten, shopping in town or going to the doctors, buggies for shopping are great thanks to their agility and generously sized shopping basket.

4. What Features to Look Out For?

Comfort: To ensure your child feels comfortable on longer outings, it is an advantage if the buggy features an adjustable backrest, sufficient padding of the seat area plus enough space and freedom of movement.

Ease of Use: A buggy that is quick to fold is particularly convenient. Also check the size of the buggy when folded.

Agility: The buggy should be easy to push and steer. Lockable front swivel wheels are great for uneven terrain and can make the buggy easier to push.

Weight: Most buggies have a weight of 5 to 10 kg and are easy to carry. Special sports buggies can be heavier to ensure stability.

Wheels: Buggies with rubber tires usually produce the least noise when pushed along and offer more comfort on bumpy terrain.

Handles: If several people of different sizes are going to be using the buggy, it makes sense to purchase a buggy with height adjustable handle, so you can adapt it individually to your size.

Brakes: A parking brake prevents the buggy accidentally rolling away. For pushchair buggies, an additional handbrake is convenient.

Adjustable footrest: Adjustable footrests are a good idea so you can use the buggy for a longer period of time. They offer comfort for any growth stage of your child.

Safety: Harnesses and safety bars prevent your child falling out of the buggy and provide additional safety. 5-point harnesses are safest.

Quality: Regular buggy tests by independent organisations give awards to particularly good buggies. Many buggies also carry safety and test marks to attest quality.

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