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Nursing Chairs

Nursing Chairs

For many mums, nursing is tiring in the first few days and weeks. A nursing chair gives you the opportunity to relax. At the same time you have a good seating position in order to feed your little one. In this comfortable, peaceful envirnoment your baby is calmer as well and you can nursing relaxingly.

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Last Modified: 9 July 2018

Buying Guide

1. Nursing made easy

Shortly before their baby is born, many moms-to-be are still unsure: Can, should, will I breastfeed my baby, or should I bottle feed with formula milk? Breastfeeding clearly has a whole range of advantages – both on a physical and a psychological level, for the baby and the mother. Still: nursing involves sitting still for a considerable amount of time. To make nursing easier for moms, there is a range of useful helpers available. This includes, for example, a nursing chair or nursing armchair.

Nursing Chairs

2. What are the advantages of a nursing chair?

Any baby-friendly hospital has a breastfeeding room on the maternity ward where you will find nursing chairs and nursing armchairs. And although most parents will have had a tour of the maternity ward before the birth, the nursing chair and nursing cushion are less well known accessories, so they do not often feature on the list of baby essentials you are told to buy. Yet the advantages offered by this type of special chair or arm chair are enormous.

Breastfeeding is closeness and comfort – for child and mom. And to make sure nursing has this positive character, even if your baby wants to nurse every few hours, day and night, it is essential to make conditions as perfect as possible.

A comfortable, back-friendly sitting position during nursing.Of course, there is no single correct nursing posture. Some women like to nurse their babies while sitting down, some when lying down, others even walk around. All of it is right – nothing is wrong. But nursing in an almost horizontal reclining position has proven most useful. So nursing chairs or arm chairs should feature an adjustable backrest and have armrests that can still be used if the backrest is reclined. Plus, a good nursing chair should have a matching, if possible also height-adjustable foot stool. And finally, the chair should be soft and well padded.

Pleasant additional function. Mothers often spend several hours a day nursing. So a bit of extra comfort in the design of the nursing chair or nursing armchair is definitely welcome. Useful extras are certainly rocking or swinging modes that help relax the mother and calm down the child.

3. Checklist: What to watch out for when buying

The most important criteria when buying a nursing chair or armchair are of course comfort and personal taste. But you should also make sure the chair is easy to care for and clean if the need arises.

Another important aspect is the size of the nursing chair: Comfort is of course important. But if the nursing chair does not fit into your living room or nursery, this is more annoying than relaxing.

4. When is the right time to buy?

The clear answer is: Early! Ideally you should have the nursing chair in the nursery, before your baby is born. Then mother and child can retreat to the special nursing place from day one.

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