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Belly Support

Belly Support

Celebrity mums set the example: they are active, mobile and fit throughout their pregnancy. And the baby bump always looks great. After the birth, they go back to their pre-birth shape at almost supersonic speed. But careful: many photos are computer edited, and you should be aware that pregnant celebrity mums do not always feel fit and make use of numerous accessories to help them. This includes using a pregnancy belt which supports the tummy and protects muscles and tissue.

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Last Modified: 26 June 2018

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As the heading already says: pregnancy belts support the tummy and protect muscles and tissue. Plus the pregnancy belt can help you regain your shape after the birth more quickly.

A pregnancy is a unique experience and most mothers-to-be can enjoy this time largely without negative effects. But these nine months are also a massive strain on your body. Especially once the child gets bigger and heavier and takes up more space in your body, this strains the body tissue in the abdomen and the tummy and back muscles. Some women experience a pulling sensation or even pain in the tummy and back area – a good pregnancy belt can help.

After the birth, the strain on the tummy area is suddenly gone. But even now, the body still has to work hard: the post-natal recovery phase. Many midwives believe that a pregnancy belt can help even in this phase after the actual birth by supporting the body in the post-natal recovery.

Whether during or after the pregnancy: a pregnancy belt can provide support in your daily life. This is particularly pleasant for tummy and back for activities such as weekly shopping, longer walks or suitable sports activities. But careful: even with a pregnancy belt, you should never carry heavy weights - such as heavy shopping or little brothers and sisters.

Belly Support

Checklist: What to Watch Out For When Buying

There are very different versions and models of pregnancy belts: most versions are worn discretely under your clothes, to complement normal underwear. The classic model is a type of belt that is closed or stretched with one or several velcro closures. While some models go under the tummy, others have support straps above the tummy or even over the shoulders so they redirect the weight effectively. In addition there are several smaller support straps.

Belly bands are often also referred to as pregnancy belts. Certainly these also have a supporting effect. But primarily they are colourful accessories that are fashion highlights of maternity wear.

Planning Ahead: When to Buy?

Pregnancy belts should not be purchased too early nor too late: At the beginning of the pregnancy, most women are keen to celebrate their new life stage by buying maternity wear and the like. But the pregnancy belt is not needed in the first few months of your pregnancy. To ensure you have the pregnancy belt when you need it, you should not wait too long either. The beginning of the second trimester is a good time to buy.

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