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There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. This age-old saying is also applicable to prams and buggies. With a rain cover, parents and children alike can defy any rain shower - whether the cold and stormy Autumn rain or the warm Summer showers. The advantage: babies and children remain dry, but thanks to the resilient, see-through cover they can still see the outside world. There are products which protect entire prams and pushchairs from rain and dirt - owners of lightly coloured or brand new prams will be extremely grateful for these. However, there are also simpler versions which only cover the area in which the child is sitting.

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Last Modified: 12 July 2018

Additional information

Now going for a walk is fun even in the rain

Going for a walk in the rain can be great fun: The air is fresh, clear and smells lovely. Small children love this. And finally, it's very important to get out in the fresh air from time to time, away from the dry air produced by central heating in the colder season. But you need to take along the right protection against the elements.

To keep babies and small children safe from rain, wind or snow in the pram, a suitable rain cover is the perfect solution. If the child gets wet while sitting or lying down in the pram or buggy, he or she can easily catch a cold. A rain cover is an effective way of preventing your child getting a cold.


2. Advantage: Which rain cover can do what?

As a general rule, most prams, baby car seats and travel buggies now come with a canopy. Often this will be an all-weather canopy that also protects from rain. But this type of canopy can never protect the entire interior of the pram or buggy from rain. So if you get caught in a proper downpour, you will need an additional rain cover to make sure your little passenger can stay dry.

Bigger children who get out of the buggy to play and run around for a while often wear a coat and trousers that don't mind getting muddy, but a special rain cover to cover the whole buggy is still important. The rain cover keeps not just the child dry, but also the whole interior of the buggy, including the seat. This ensures your buggy stays pretty for longer. Plus it won't be as wet when you park it in the house hallway after the walk. The wet rain cover can be easily hung up to dry in the bathroom or on the balcony or patio.

3. Checklist: What to watch out for when buying

You may think that every pram or buggy rain cover has the same purpose so you just need to choose based on price or visual appearance. But the rain cover can only give the best protection for your child and the pram or buggy if it fits properly, so there are many different types of rain covers available.

The classic style
The rain cover for the classic pram can still be used for the buggy version, particularly with travel systems.
Baby car seat
As the baby car seat is often also used as carrycot or on the pram, you should ensure it also has a suitable rain cover. As baby car seats are much smaller than carrycots, they have special rain covers.
The special case
Rain cover for twin and sibling buggy: These buggies are considerably larger than classic single buggies, so standard rain covers will not fit. Plus you need to take the needs of two or more little passengers into consideration. Special products are designed to fit these special buggies perfectly.
More details: When buying a rain cover for the pram or buggy, you need to make sure the product in question fits the type of your pram or buggy. The manufacturers usually list for which types and makes of pram or buggy the rain cover is suitable for.

4. Timing: When to buy?

Rain can happen in any of the four seasons – so you should buy the rain cover at the same time as buying the pram or buggy. Also, if you switch from one type of pram or buggy to another, you also need to check if you can still use your existing rain cover with the new make.

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