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Travel Bags

Travel Bags

Thanks to light and easily transportable buggies, 'flexibility' and 'mobility' are no longer a mystery to parents. Travel bags, which are used to transport buggies, are indispensable on plane journeys and ideal for the car. They are also suitable for storing buggies in a cupboard or basement: by using pads or gel inserts they ensure that the buggy is well-protected against scratches or other damage. Robust material, carrying straps and zips are all designed to make the bag long-lasting.

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Last Modified: 12 July 2018

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1. Travel bags for buggies and more

Daily life with babies and toddlers is often a logistical challenge. This challenge only gets bigger for parents when it comes to going on holiday. The fact that you can take a plane nowadays with a pram or buggy, or even a baby’s cot, is down to the increasingly compact, lightweight models available on the market. But even for these models, one thing remains true: Buggy and co. need to be securely stored at all times, so that they arrive at the holiday destination and get back home again in one piece.

Travel Bags

2. Optimal storage space

We frequently come across the word “Accessories“ – though its meaning shouldn’t be underestimated. Let’s take travel bags, for example. These work to ensure buggies, prams etc. can be safely and securely transported on holiday. Then there are travel bags that can be attached onto buggy or pram frames like bicycle bags, creating extra storage space.

The classic travel bag is a special travel bag for buggies and more. Since prams and baby’s cots have gotten lighter and more compact than ever before, they can easily be taken with you on holidays and trips. Many current models are so compact, they can even be taken directly onto the plane. But to safely reach your destination, it is important that these are packed properly. Travel bags are tailored to the size and shape of specific models, or to prams belonging to a specific series of models. With them, prams remain safely protected while flying alongside the luggage on planes, and are also very easy to transport. These travel bags are also ideal for storing buggies etc. in should you want to keep them in a loft or cellar until baby number two arrives. Travel bags that equip prams and buggies with extra storage space are usually attached on the side of the frame. These can transform a simple buggy into a true storage wonder, allowing you to even do your weekly shop with your buggy.

3. Important – read this before making your purchase

Quality, quality, quality – that is the motto to live by when it comes to choosing a suitable travel bag for you. Its material should be stable, and should be dirt- and moisture-resistant. The bag should also be easy to open and close, and come equipped with good quality handles and wide, ideally padded, straps. It is also important to make sure your travel bag is suitable for your particular pram, buggy or cot model. It can only be protective if it is the right fit.

There are also travel bags with practical, added features. These useful little extras include so-called Gate-Check flaps. These enable you to store your important documents for use at the airport in an easy to reach place, so you don’t have to go rummaging through your entire handbag to find them. Another extremely practical extra are the rollers on the travel bag. These prevent you from having to carry your heavy bag on longer routes at the airport; they can be rolled like a trolley, instead.

4. Not to miss: The right time to make your purchase

Travel bags are surely one of the top items on any parents‘ shopping list. It is important, however, to have yours ready well in advance of your day of departure if going on holiday with a child. Warning: Please pay attention to the delivery times and information.

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