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Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets

Just a quick trip to get some nappies, and glasses, and new shoes... When you are out shopping, you want to be able to kill two or more birds with one stone. A shopping basket sitting underneath your pram makes this possible. Here you'll be able to store everything that a young family needs. And also, perhaps, the non-essentials, such as the bunch of flowers you want to take home undetected.

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Last Modified: 1 August 2018

More info for you

More info for you

If you are out and about with children, you will know: Even the luggage compartment of a large car will suddenly look small. What goes for the car's luggage space, goes even more for the space a pram offers. Of course, most prams these days have a shopping net or shopping basket. But whether you are walking to the playground or going shopping: The standard space is rarely enough. Or there is enough space, but you are lacking an organizer system that makes it easier to find what you are looking for. In these cases, the shopping basket for the pram or buggy can help.

Shopping Baskets

2. Advantages and variety – overview

The main advantage of all products that fall into the category shopping basket is that parents who are going out with their child in the pram can not just buy baby food, diapers or new clothes for the child, but can buy it all in one go and get it home easily.

The term shopping basket refers to a large range of different accessories that expand the available storage space in the pram or buggy, or make it easier to use. To achieve this aim, the manufacturers of shopping baskets for the pram choose different approaches: Some generate more storage space, some make better use of the available storage space and some even combine both these aims. Here is an overview of the most common systems.

The shopping basket
This version is used for a buggy chassis that does not have a shopping basket as standard. Now you can add a convenient shopping basket to these buggies, usually very compact travel or city buggies.
The double-decker
With some pram chassis, you can add an additional shopping basket for twice the storage space when the chassis is used with a baby car seat as travel system.
The side version
Another option are lateral storage bags that are attached to the left and right side of the chassis.
The shopping bag
This sub-category of the pram shopping basket is a bag that can be attached to the pram handle. The convenient feature of these models is that the bags can simply be taken off the pram at home for easy unloading.
The Organizer
Finally, there are bags that can be placed into the existing shopping basket. These keep all your shopping neat and tidy and you can also carry them into the house with all your shopping in them.

3. What to watch out for: Shopping checklist

The most important thing when buying a shopping basket for the pram or buggy is to make sure the accessory you buy is compatible with the pram or buggy model you have. Not every shopping basket fits for every pram system. Plus, before buying you should think carefully about how the pram shopping basket is going to be used. Only if you have answered all these questions, it's time to make a selection based on design and color.

4. Plan ahead: Best time to buy

What you need in terms of storage space becomes clear over time. Once parents have been out shopping with the child in the pram or buggy a few times, they often notice that the available space is not sufficient. Plus you can then also assess more accurately which type of pram or buggy shopping basket you will need.

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