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A nice walk in the Spring sunshine is a pleasant way for parents to spend time with their child. Unfortunately, what is pleasurable for us can cause discomfort to our children. The strong rays of the sun are often too bright for a child's eyes, and can even cause headaches. The sun can also be an annoyance when little Junior wants to sleep. A sun parasol is the perfect antidote to achieve a nice level of shade.

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Last Modified: 6 August 2018

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1. Perfect not just for summer

The pram parasol is the classic among the sun protection accessories for the pram. In addition to sun shades and hood extensions for the canopy, the parasol is still the favorite choice for keeping babies and toddlers in the pram or buggy safe from harmful UV rays, glaring sunlight, too much bright light and also curious glances from outside.


2. More advantages than just UV protection

The pram parasol has of course the main task of keeping sun away from the little passenger in the pram or buggy. However, this is by no means the only function of this versatile and useful accessory. But first things first: The skin of babies and toddlers is extremely sensitive, so it should never be exposed to direct sunlight. This could result in permanent skin damage from UV rays.

So it's important that good parasols have a corresponding UV protection. The essential thing is that the UV protection factor is sufficiently high, similar to sun cream. Plus you should make sure that the UV protection is still reliable if the parasol gets wet or has been folded and stretched from frequent use.

In addition to protecting the skin from harmful sun rays, pram parasols also protect the little passengers from too much bright light. This ensures the glaring light does not get into the child's eyes and he or she can even have a nap in the pram or buggy.

And finally, the parasol protects your child's privacy and stops curious people glancing into the pram. A parasol provides additional cosiness for your child.

3. Checklist: What to watch out for when buying

In addition to the UV protection mentioned above, there are above all two aspects you should watch out for when buying.

Most pram parasols have a universal system for attaching them, but there are some exceptions. These models can only be attached to certain pram chassis.

A good pram parasol should also have a joint or another way of adjusting it, so it can be turned to where the sun is coming from.

Otherwise, the range of available parasols for prams is huge and includes round and square, plain and multicolored, modern and classic styles.

4. The right time to buy

Of course, a parasol is very important in summer to keep the child safe from UV rays. But in winter, too, a parasol can be important. The sun is low in the sky in winter and the light can be right in your child's eyes.

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