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Winter Footmuffs

Winter Footmuffs

When it gets cold outside, it’s time to kit out your pram with a winter footmuff. A footmuff will keep your little one nice and warm during chilly winter walks – the best remedy against catching a cold. When choosing a footmuff, there are several different things to consider: But rest assured you’ll select a footmuff depending on the size of your child, the type and construction of your pram, and how low the temperatures are likely to drop where you live.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018

Additonal information

1. Cosy and warm through the winter

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing – so they say. To make sure your child is also ready for any weather, especially the low temperatures in winter, a winter footmuff is the perfect solution. As the little passengers sit or lie relatively still in the pram, baby car seat or on the bicycle seat, they easily get cold. Efficient protection from cold weather is very important to prevent hypothermia. An outing in cold weather is only healthy if your child is well protected from the cold.

Winter Footmuffs

2. Better than a blanket

Of course, you could just put a warm blanket over your child to keep him or her warm in the baby car seat or pram carrycot. But a winter footmuff does have some advantages compared to a blanket.

Generally, the baby car seat is used on the rear seats of the car. If the child kicks off the blanket while you are driving, it is very difficult to put it back on properly. A footmuff on the other hand stays in place, so the parents can rest assured that their child will be nice and warm throughout the entire trip.

The footmuff is also superior to the blanket when used in the pram carrycot. A footmuff surrounds the child and provides warmth all-over, not just from the top as with a blanket.

3. Important criteria to watch out for when buying

There is a huge variety of winter footmuffs on offer. You will find different terminology, such as footmuff or cosytoes, but they describe the same product. But there are various other differences that should be taken into consideration when selecting the suitable winter footmuff.

The size of the footmuff: Some footmuffs are available in different sizes – matched to the child's size, like clothing. But some footmuffs come in an universal size that can be extended so it can grow with your child.

The zipper: There are footmuffs with central zippers, some with all-round zippers and some with an additional zipper at the foot end. The central footmuff zipper is ideal for regulating the temperature inside the footmuff via the zipper. The allround lateral zipper offers the greatest comfort for getting into or out of the footmuff. And the zipper at the foot end ensures that dirty shoes can be left to stick out of the footmuff and it can still be used if your child has already literally outgrown it.

The openings for the harness straps: There are footmuffs with three openings on the left and right side and some with five openings. The important thing is that the openings match the pram system you are using.

4. The right time to buy

As the name winter footmuff indicates, this type of footmuff is designed for cold weather. As you cannot predict exactly when the temperatures are going to sink so far that your child needs additional protection from the cold weather for the first time, it's a good idea to put the winter footmuff on your autumn shopping list or get it even earlier.

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