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Sheepskin Footmuffs

Sheepskin Footmuffs

A sheepskin footmuff is a luxury version of an ordinary footmuff for your little treasure. A sheepskin footmuff provides outstanding warmth and protection on cold, windy winter days. But a sheepskin footmuff can do even more than that: The sheepskin material itself makes for natural air padding which ensures cosy warmth on the one hand, and prevents a build-up of heat on the other. This also prevents a build-up of moisture. These things combined make a sheepskin footmuff the ideal means of regulating the temperature inside your pram.

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Last Modified: 19 July 2018

Additional information

1. Cosy all-rounder for any weather

They are cosy and soft, suitable for any weather, breathable, heat regulating and comparatively easy to clean: sheepskin footmuffs are true all-rounders. They are ideal for keeping your baby cosy and warm in the pram, baby car seat or when lying on the floor. Thanks to the numerous advantages of sheepskin, these footmuffs have the potential to become the true favourite of any parents who value quality.

Sheepskin Footmuffs

2. Temperature regulating, breathable, all-weather

A sheepskin footmuff is certainly one of the best things on the market when it comes to footmuffs. Here is an overview of the numerous advantages of a sheepskin footmuff.

Air conditioning included
sheepskin has a special, heat regulating quality so that a sheepskin footmuff will warm in winter and cool in summer. In hot weather, the sheepskin absorbs moisture and keeps baby's skin cool and dry. In cold weather, the sheepskin has an insulating effect so the body heat stays inside the footmuff. That's particularly important for small babies who cannot yet regulate their body temperature.
Soft and natural:
sheepskin is a 100% natural product. It is odour-neutral and free of toxic materials or heavy metals. Plus recent studies have shown that sheepskin has a calming effect.
Dirt repellent and easy to clean
Sheepskin has another remarkable quality - it is dirt repellent so it's largely resistant to dirt, bacteria and smells. Plus sheepskin footmuffs can be machine-washed as wool if necessary.

3. Varieties and models on offer – overview

Sheepskin footmuffs are available for different areas of use and various purposes, just like other footmuffs. Here is an overview of the most important types.

Pram footmuff
These footmuffs are designed to be used in prams, so even tiny babies are ready for going out in the pram, whatever the weather.
Baby car seat footmuff
This type of footmuff can be used in the baby car seat. That's very convenient in winter, when the car is still cold when you start driving and the temperature gets warmer later on.
Buggy footmuff and seat cover
These sheepskin footmuffs are large enough to be used throughout the entire buggy stage. Some models can be opened in the foot area so even large children can still go on using the footmuff. With some footmuffs, you can take off the front part to create a cosy seat cover. And yet other models have an all-round zipper so you can open them out fully into a cosy blanket.

4. How to decide: What to watch out for when buying

When buying a sheepskin footmuff, there are two aspects to consider in addition to the differences between models mentioned above. One, you should check what the outer material is made of. It's a good idea to find out if the outer material has to be water repellent or what requirements you have. Plus you should think about the zipper: some sheepskin footmuffs have a zipper on the side, some have a full-length, central or diagonal zipper.

5. When to buy: the best time

As sheepskin footmuffs are suitable for use in any weather, purchasing these footmuffs is not dependent on the season. Generally, it's a good idea to buy a sheepskin footmuff as part of the basic baby equipment. But your child will still appreciate a sheepskin footmuff if you purchase it later on as a cosy accessory for baby car seat or pram.

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