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In Autumn and Winter it is particularly important that children have on thick, warm and comfortable clothing before they venture out to the park or the town. But even well-wrapped up children can get chilly; that's when a nice, warm footmuff comes in handy. Lined with lambswool and finished with waterproof material, this footmuff will ward off even the toughest of Winter storms, and ensure your child is warm and comfortable at all times. There are useful variations for the milder months, such as footmuffs made of comfy, breathable material, which stay warm, but don't produce tropical temperatures. Rain, wind, snow, frost - with the correct footmuff, you can defy all weather conditions.

Price from 6.80 € - 244.80 €
Last Modified: 22 July 2018

Buying Guide

1. Not too warm and not too cold

In winter, if not before, you will hardly see a pram or baby car seat where the child does not have a footmuff to sit or lie in. But even in the autumn or spring, the motto often is: not without my footmuff! These footmuffs are like sleeping bags for the pram or baby car seat and keep the child warm, plus they offer protection from wind and wet weather. Footmuffs are easy to use. And the child looks cute, all snuggled up in the cosy footmuff.


2. Better than a blanket?

A complete set of baby equipment comprises quite a lot of items. And the list of things you need to get for your child is not necessarily going to get any shorter in the subsequent years. So it's no wonder that some parents ask themselves: do we really need a footmuff for the pram and baby car seat? The answer is: sooner or later, a footmuff will be really useful. And for children who are born in the colder season, a footmuff is important to protect the small baby from cold and wind.

Even once the children are bigger and can sit in a buggy or buggy seat, the advantages of a footmuff are not to be underestimated: the alternative, a blanket, can easily fall off and only keeps your child warm from the top, not all around. Plus most blankets are not wind and rain repellent and only give half as much protection as a footmuff. And you cannot do completely without weather protection for your child. Children sitting in the pram or buggy are hardly moving around, perhaps they are having a nap. Without appropriate protection, the child could easily get cold.

3. What to watch out for when shopping.

Once you have decided to purchase a footmuff, you are now faced with the next decision. There are not just footmuffs in different designs and colors, but also different types of footmuff. The all-weather footmuffs offer good protection from the elements all year round and are the all-rounders among the footmuffs. On particularly cold days, it is a good idea to put on warmer clothing for extra protection.

Winter footmuffs and lambskin footmuffs offer perfect protection even in very cold winter weather. And summer footmuffs are designed for use on cool summer days or in the mornings when it is still a bit chilly. Plus there is a difference between footmuffs for the pram and footmuffs for the baby car seat. The latter type is slightly smaller and optimally designed for use with a baby car seat.

There are also differences in terms of openings for the straps. You need to ensure that the footmuff matches the pram. In other words: if you have a pram with a 5-point harness, you need to get a footmuff with the corresponding number of openings for the straps.

And finally, there are footmuffs with different numbers and different positions of zippers. Some have a central zipper at the front. Others have side zippers or an all-round zipper. Particularly convenient are footmuffs with a lower part that can be opened or taken off via a zipper. Then the footmuff can still be used once your child has grown so much that the feet stick out of the bottom. And even dirty shoes will not cause any problems.

4. When to buy?

The right time to buy a footmuff depends on the type of footmuff you have selected. Seasonal footmuffs should be purchased in time before the relevant season. And footmuffs for the baby car seat are best bought at birth or shortly after, as they have a relatively short period of use.

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