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Owners of prams with fixed baskets attached to them will understand the value of this product: they enable parents to carefully lift sleeping babies out of their prams and to carry them to wherever they need to be. These are practical, as they avoid waking the sleeping child. Furthermore, the carry-straps ensure it is easy to place the carrycot onto the frame of the pram, ready for browsing the shops, going for a walk in the woods or making a trip to the doctor's.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018

Further Information

1. What do you need them for?

Sometimes you use them on the pram, sometimes as travel cot or to carry the baby, or even as baby car seat – we are talking about carrycots. If you are interested in a modular pram system, where different seats can be attached to the chassis, you are going to need one of these carrycots. Sometimes it comes as part of a set with the chassis and a sports seat, sometimes you can buy it on its own. Some carrycots have additional features, some do not. But which product is right for you? This little guide will give you an overview.


2. The many advantages of a carrycot

In the first six months, babies should only be transported lying down flat. Their back and neck muscles are still much too weak to chauffeur babies sitting up in a buggy. Switching to a buggy seat should wait until the child can sit up unsupported. That's why carrycots are the method of choice for transporting the baby by pram and providing optimal protection when going for walks.

Plus carrycots are not just the perfect pram unit for newborns, but also offer several other options. For one, they are ideal for carrying the sleeping child into the house after a walk, complete with carrycot. Your baby can go on sleeping – and baby and parents can relax.

Some carrycots can be used as travel cots or baby cradle. Sometimes the required accessories are already included, sometimes they are available separately. And finally, there are carrycots for the pram that can also be used as restraint system in the car. They have a harness system and can be attached either via the car's three-point seat belt or a car seat station. The important thing is that you are only permitted to use carrycots in the car that are specifically approved for use as baby car seat.

3. What to watch out for when buying

There are some very important aspects to consider when buying the suitable carrycot.

Top of the list: the question of quality. The carrycot must be free of harmful substances and other unsafe materials. The health of newborn babies could suffer if the child breathes in such substances.

The next, equally important criterion is safety: The carrycot must be sturdy enough, the side walls need to have a certain minimum height and any sun canopy should give adequate protection from UV radiation. If a carrycot is approved for use in the car, the safety aspect is even more important.

The question of size is almost a quality criterion in itself. Sadly, there are some carrycots that are so small that they cannot really be used until the child is ready to switch to a buggy seat. They are simply too short or too narrow for a baby aged five or six months.

Only after these factors have been considered, it's time to turn to the features. This includes questions such as: Should it come with a cover? Which color and design do you want? Should the canopy have a viewing window? All these are important and exciting questions – but the points mentioned above need to be clarified first.

4. Plan ahead: The best time to buy

This question is easy to answer: The best time to buy the carrycot is before your child is born. After all, you are going to need the carrycot for the first time you take your baby out in the pram.

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