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Car Seat Adaptors

Car Seat Adaptors

Sometimes we have to provide a little extra security. Car seat adaptors are especially helpful in the case of combi-prams, as they ensure that parts are put together properly, and keep the carseat held securely in place. There are adaptors that connect the baby car seat, carry cot or seat to the frame of the pram. Importantly, every brand and product requires its own adaptor. More information can be found in the respective instructions of each product.

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Last Modified: 15 July 2018

Your shopping guide

Small accessory with big impact

It is usually quite small, black or silver and always inconspicuous. But it is extremely useful. You could even say: For parents of small children, it is indispensable – at least for active parents who like be out and about spontaneously. We are talking about car seat adapters for the pram. With this accessory, a pram chassis can be transformed to a travel system: Baby car seats become pram seats and even additional buggy seats or carrycots can be quickly and safely attached to the pram chassis.

Car Seat Adaptors

2. The many advantages of the little helpers

The term adapter comes from Latin "adaptus" – which means suitable, apt. And that is exactly the function of the car seat adapter: It makes a seat suitable for use on the pram chassis.

Car seat adapters are an accessory many people overlook. But the job it can do in your everyday life is very important, because it is essential for parents of small children.

No need to wake up the sleeping child
An adapter for the pram turns the baby car seat into a pram seat. This means that the car seat can be simply moved from car to pram with the child still in the seat. So if your child has fallen asleep during the car ride – and that happens a lot with most children – you do not need to wake up the baby once you have arrived at your destination. This saves you and the baby a lot of stress.
Travel lightly
An adapter for the pram makes everyday life much easier for parents of small children. Thanks to this little helper, the baby car seat that you are already using as a restraint system in the car can now be used on the pram as well. You just have to take the pram chassis along in the trunk of your car – no need for an extra pram seat. This makes life easier, not just for your weekly shopping trip when the car is packed full of drinks and food.

3. Checklist for buying

When buying an adapter for the pram, you need to make sure that you get the right model, i.e. one that is suitable for your type of pram and baby car seat. The differences between the various adapters are usually minimal – but only the right model will fit for your specific pram.

Plus it's important to make sure that you choose a high-quality adapter. These small accessories ensure that the baby car seat is securely connected to the pram chassis.

4. Sooner rather than later: When to buy?

The main purpose of pram adapters is connecting the baby car seat and the pram chassis. This already tells you when to buy: as soon as possible. The baby car seat is used only in the first few months.

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