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Buggy Boards

Buggy Boards

"I don't want to walk anymore, I want to ride as well!" - a sentence that is known all too well by parents of one or more children. The simplest and most practical solution for older siblings are buggy boards. These small boards on wheels are simply attached to the area underneath the handlebars, and then off you go: the child stands on the board, holds on tight, and lets themselves be pushed along with the buggy. What results is an adventure that promises fun and gives the parent far less stress.

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Last Modified: 1 August 2018

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1. Standing room included

Toddlers who are really good at walking can get terribly tired all of a sudden, and then they cannot possibly walk another step, especially if a little sibling is sitting in the buggy. In this case, buggy boards are your salvation: they attach to the buggy and offer space for all older siblings. Now parents can get home without getting stressed out - even if the older sibling suddenly has an attack of "I-can't-possibly-walk-another-step".

Buggy Boards

2. Small accessory - big advantage

At first glance, buggy boards look quite inconspicuous. But this relatively small accessory has a lot to offer: it turns any buggy into a vehicle for two kids. That's worth a lot, as anyone who has ever tried to let a toddler walk home while the smaller sibling is in the buggy will know so well.

Buggy boards also perform well in other respects: whether when crossing a busy road or shopping in a crowded shop - everything is much easier for the parents if the older child can stand on the buggy board in these situations.

Buggy boards are easy to attach to the buggy/pram chassis. Usually they attach between the buggy's rear wheels. But there are also models that attach to the handle or to the side of the buggy chassis. Conveniently, most buggy boards simply fold up when not in use. The parent pushing the buggy can then have more legroom.

Most buggy boards are not specifically designed for a particular model of buggy, so they can be used for any buggy. This makes it easier to buy them later on. Plus there is a large choice of buggy boards that can differ greatly in design and functionality.

Buggy boards are generally easy to attach and remove. So you can take the buggy board off once the older child is good at walking. And if you are expecting child number three, the buggy board can quickly be reattached for child number two.

3. The right timing - best time to buy

As buggy boards can be added later, you can wait with buying them until they are actually needed. That is the case once child number two is born and child number one is nearly too old for a buggy. These buggy boards are available in a large choice of design and the delivery periods are usually quite short. But it can make sense to have a buggy board ready when the smaller child is born. Surely the older brother or sister will be very proud to have a special balcony place for the first outing with the new baby.

4. Important features at a glance: what to look out for when buying

There is a large range of buggy boards available. Before buying, you should consider the basic aspects:

How many wheels do you want the buggy board to have?
Most models have two wheels, but there are also some with one wheel or three wheels.
How much standing space should the buggy board offer?
There are boards with a classic standing area and some that have a footprint-shaped surface.
Do you want to add some fun?
In addition to the classic buggy board, there are fun varieties that are scooter and buggy board in one.

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