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Peg Perego

Peg Perego Prams + Strollers

When the Italian Giuseppe Perego replaced the usual tin and wicker cradle with rubber material in 1949, this proved to be quite a sensation. Finally, baby products, which up to this point had been exceedingly expensive, had now been made affordable for everybody. In the years that followed, innovations and foresight made the company a success and it soon became known worldwide for its original ideas in terms of baby products.

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Last Modified: 1 August 2018

Peg Perego

Peg Perego – Made in Italy

This company was founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego and specialises in producing children's products. Already back then, the company revolutionised the looks of the pram. The Italian brand of prams and buggies offer the highest degree of quality, safety, elegance and modern design. Peg Perego stands for far more than just a brand, rather it represents a family. Each employee contributes his or her knowledge and experience to the company's success and works towards the same aim: Turning the wishes and needs into reality. You, too, can become part of this family by purchasing the Peg Perego products.

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Prams and buggies

With the convenient Peg Perego prams and buggies, you are going to master your everyday life even more easily. The safe and comfortable prams feature robust structure, agile front wheels and padded seats. Be it for a trip into nature or strolling through town - Peg Perego offers you the suitable prams for various requirements.

Peg Perego also proves that the number of children you have does not have to limit your mobility and offer suitable prams for families with twins, triplets or siblings. The Aria Twin offers space for two kids and is super lightweight and compact to fold. With the agile Triplette Pop Up, you can enjoy mobility and highest driving comfort even with three children.

Pram Accessories

With the convenient Peg Perego pram accessories, you can master any situation. The parasol protects your child from the sun and a rain cover keeps off rain, wind and snow. For colder days, you can get a cosy footmuff and a waterproof, warm leg cover. When going out with your child in the pram, a comfortable padded safety bar ensures extra protection.

Car Seats

The Peg Perego car seats offer your children the best protection and comfort in the car. The integrated side impact protection ensures maximum safety for your child. Plus you can attach most seats in the car via Isofix. The car seats are available for any age group.

For the smallest children, the lightweight and comfortable Peg Perego baby car seats are great. The Primo Viaggio SL offers three different attachment option and has been awarded the top mark in tests by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest.

High Chairs

The Peg Perego high chairs also ensure your child's mobility. Almost all the models include wheels so you can easily move the high chair around. Now your child can take part in family life from birth.

Baby Walkers

The softly padded Peg Perego baby walkers support your child when taking the first steps and learning to walk. Plus your child can enjoy the removable electronic entertainment centre with light and sound effects.

Diaper Bags

For all current Peg Perego prams and buggies, you can get a diaper bag in matching design. The removable changing mat can also be used as a play mat and with the various exterior and interior pockets you have all important diaper changing items within easy reach.

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