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Pacapod Changing Diaper Bags

Like two peas in a pod – that’s how the Pacapod changing bags are designed. The Pacapod changing bags feature a main bag which contains two smaller bags that can also be used independently. The Pacapod founder and fashion designer Jacqueline Waggett was inspired to come up with this unusual changing bag by her own experience as mother: she wanted a changing bag that would let her have everything she needed to hand quickly and still be so pretty that you could use it even after the end of the nappy phase. So she designed the Pacapod. Today, there are many Pacapod changing bags – for her and him, elegant, sporty and versatile.

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Last Modified: 28 July 2018



“Nobody will ever know it’s a changing bag” - that’s part 1 of the promise of the Pacapod designers. Part 2 is, in brief: The Pacapod changing bags are designed in such a way that you have everything you need within easy reach without having to root around in your bag. The Pacapod creator is the fashion designer and mother of two Jacquiline Waggett, who is also very active in outdoor sports and spent a long time as designer in the outdoor sector. As mother of two girls, she found it frustrating that the available changing bags did not have enough compartments and she was never able to find what she wanted in her changing bag. So in 2008, she created the company Pacapod. Today, the company offers changing bags for fathers, mothers, parents of twins, luxury fans, outdoor enthusiasts and so on and so forth.

The secret of Pacapod

The secret behind every Pacapod changing bag is as simple as it is ingenious: every Pacapod comprises a compact changing bag and a cool bag hidden inside an elegant handbag or backpack. The principle of the Pacapod designers is that of “two peas in a pod”. And indeed, the two functional bags are ideally suited to the shape of the outer bag. As a result, the Pacapod designers have solved two challenges at once: the Pacapod changing bags impress with their convincing organising system. And the main bag is suitable for use as leisure bag, laptop bag or weekend bag even beyond the nappy phase.

Versatility – the right Pacapod for everyone

The same applies to the Pacapod bags as to handbags: everyone has their very own ideas and expectations of what a dream changing bag should be like. And given that mums (or dads) (hardly) ever leave the house without a changing bag in the first few months and years, the changing bag should appeal to the user’s individual taste. So there is a Pacapod to suit every purpose and taste.

Leather bags: Pacapod changing bags made of leather are highest quality so you can enjoy your bag for a long time.

Backpacks: If you like to go outdoors a lot with your child or go on bicycle trips, you will love the Pacapod backpacks. They are also ideal for dads. Bags for him: Dad and child on tour – no longer a rarity today (thankfully!). But dads who have responsibility and time for their child should also have their own changing bag. With Pacapod, “he” will certainly find the perfect match.

Bags for twins: Two kids simply need twice as many nappies, baby bottles and cuddly toys in the same space of time as a single child. So the Pacapod changing bags for twins also need to be larger – of course without seeming bulky.

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