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Orbit Baby G 3 Stroller Panniers black

Orbit Baby G 3 Stroller Panniers black
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Quick Overview

What a good bike bag is to a bike is what the Orbit Baby G 3 stroller panniers are to a buggy. These panniers simply attach onto the side of the buggy frame. This practical accessory impresses with its functionality and design, all of which is perfectly tailored to the Orbit Baby buggy frame.

Product Description

Have you ever heard a parent refer to themselves as a loaded-up donkey when they’re out with their child? If you, too, would rather go through life with your child without feeling like you’re carrying a load of cargo on your back, then the Orbit Baby G 3 stroller panniers are the ideal accessories for you and your baby, for your Orbit Baby buggy. This set of panniers are easy to attach onto the side of your buggy frame, and will take the weight off your shoulders.

The Orbit Baby G 3 stroller panniers attach easily and securely onto the side of the buggy frame. This makes them easily accessible for loading and unloading purposes. The panniers are also designed to be small enough so that your buggy will still fit through every standard door with them attached. This means you won’t have to compromise some of your buggy’s flexibility for this extra storage space. Its handles allow you to remove and carry the bags any time you like.

Thanks to the huge volume of the Orbit Baby G 3 stroller panniers, you have ample space to store shopping, your baby’s toys, and everything else you might need when on the move with a young child. Should you not need the Orbit Baby G 3 stroller panniers one day, simply fold them flat and store them until they’re needed again.

Description special features

  • Panniers for stroller
  • Included: 2 bags
  • Attach simply and securely onto the pram
  • Easy to remove and carry
  • Pram will still fit through any standard door with panniers attached
  • Stylish design
  • Fold flat
  • Design highlight: Logo on the front side of the bag
  • Accessory for the Orbit Baby pram frame

Additional Information

Package Content 2 panniers
Name Orbit Baby G 3 Stroller Panniers black
Product type Pram accessories
EAN Code 0898618001249
Article number supplier ORB819000B
Weight (in kg) 2 x 0.7 kg
Colour Black
Colour supplier Black
Measurements Inside: Length 30.5 cm x Width 17.8 cm x Height 21.6 cm
Last product update 4 February 2018

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