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Nursery Furniture

Nursery Furniture

Nursery furniture is supposed to be child friendly, highly functional and good quality. After all, this furniture will accompany your children over many years. Convertible cots and changing units should be part of every nursery. They can be complemented by wardrobes, storage units, shelves, desks and toy boxes. The nursery can then be gradually converted to a kid's bedroom and still be used long after your child has grown out of nappies. Environmentally friendly, robust materials characterise the furniture and will thrill your child with cheerful colours.

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Last Modified: 1 August 2018

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1. Tips for Furnishing your Nursery, Child's Bedroom or Teen's Bedroom

The nursery or child's bedroom is probably the room with the most versatile uses in the whole house: it's used for playing, sleeping, action, homework, getting dressed and as a stage for great role playing games. First, this room is a nursery for your baby, then a child's bedroom, then a teenager's room. The requirements for the furniture are correspondingly high. Here is a brief guide for what to watch out for when selecting suitable nursery furniture.

Nursery Furniture

2.Child-appropriate and growing with your child

Why not just use the same furniture for the nursery that you already have in your household – that's what some new parents may ask themselves. The question is obvious: children's furniture, whether for babies, toddlers, school kids or teenagers, is specially designed for the needs of children. It is usually tested for harmful materials, does not have hard edges, stands securely, can grow with the child or is multifunctional. Although the child's room, particularly for older children, is basically an apartment within your home and features a sleeping area, living area and working area, hardly any child bedrooms are bigger than 12 square metres. That's why nursery and children's furniture is designed to accommodate many functions in a comparatively small space.

3. Suitable furniture for any age, budget and taste

To suit the different requirements for nursery furniture, there are special types of furniture for the various areas of use:

Nursery furniture sets
The furniture sets are complete nursery furniture sets. Usually, these furniture sets consist of at least a cot plus a changing table.
Individual baby furniture
Baby cradles, changing tables and dressers are also available individually. You can add new furniture to existing items and expand the furniture of the nursery gradually.
Value nursery furniture sets
These sets are ideal for any parents who want basic children's furniture – for the nursery, school child or teenager.
Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets
Bed, wardrobe, table – or the complete package with bedside table, wall shelf and shelving unit. If you want to completely refurnish the teenager's bedroom, you can look for a furniture range that provides all the items you want.

4. Selection critera: What to watch out for when buying furniture

As mentioned previously, children's furniture should be tested for harmful materials, be durable and not have any sharp edges. Plus before you buy, it's important to define precisely what criteria the furniture should meet. And finally: measure the room first, then select furniture in the right size.

5. Timing: When to buy?

The answer is: every so often. The nursery furniture needs to be purchased before birth. You are going to need at least a cot or cradle plus changing table or dresser straight away. Wardrobe, child bed and desk can be added later on. And one day, you need to purchase a teen bedroom – one day your teen is bound to announce that the old furniture is just for babies.

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