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Nikimotion Buggies

"Big ideas for little kids“ is Nikimotion’s motto. This Austrian company specialises in making prams with unique folding mechanisms and accessories.

As a market leader in golf supplies under the name BIG MAX Golf, this company developed golf trolleys including the Blade, which is easy to fold, stand upright, and store compactly. With more than 20 years’ experience creating folding technologies like this one, they decided to lend their expertise to another area, and Nikimotion was born.

Nikimotion employees view their work as a sport, and they develop it with each and every challenge: this combination of know-how and passion is what creates Nikimotion’s stand-out products.

Price from 99.90 € - 998.80 €
Last Modified: 20 July 2018

The Buggies of Nikimotion

Using only the newest, most innovative technology, Nikimotion create practical prams that make daily life with a child significantly easier. This unique technology is always combined with an ultra-modern design and the highest possible quality.

The Nikimotion Autofold, for instance, combines optimal user comfort, easy handling, and light weight.

Even the universal buggy, the Nikimotion Blade, leaves no wishes unfulfilled: It can be used from birth when combined with a carrycot, and used as a traditional buggy later on. This allows the Blade to be used for many years. Furthermore, its patented folding technology means it barely takes up any space when in storage.

When designing and manufacturing their prams, Nikimotion take particular care to create a compact folded size and a light weight. However, they also ensure this does not compromise on space and comfort. Nikimotion also take care to ensure easy handling for the consumer. Whilst traditional combi-prams are usually heavy, bulky, and difficult to store, Nikimotion prides itself on creating products that are light, handy, uncomplicated, and yet exceptionally roomy!

Nikimotion take the unique technology used to make golf trolleys and apply it to their unmistakable prams. Without taking anything apart, these prams will fit with ease into the smallest of car boots.

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