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Mutsy Prams + Buggies

The Dutch pram manufacturer Mutsy has been producing and developing prams since 1937. Even today, those with nostalgia (and a bit of luck) can find one of these high-wheeled, angular prams on collectors’ sites or at the flea market. The main principle of their construction from the beginning was: on a three-framed chassis, parents can choose the seating attachment of their choice – whether a buggy-style seat, a reclined cot or a baby car seat.

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Last Modified: 19 July 2018


Evo and Igo – simple human magic

The Dutch company Mutsy has been developing comfortable and reliable prams for many years. The modest, urban design is just as paramount as the excellent handling and outstanding comfort. By developing new models, the company has made it their mission to make the life of young families easier, more stylish, versatile and compact.

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Prams and buggies

Mutsy prams enchant the user with their trendy look and high functionality. The Mutsy Evo and Mutsy Igo prams can be individually assembled thanks to their modular design and accompany you and your child through all stages of the pram phase: you can attach a baby car seat, carrycot or buggy seat to the pram chassis. Thanks to numerous adjustment options, the seats provide great comfort for your child to lie down or sit up. The 360° front swivel wheels make the prams easy to steer in crowded cities and easy to push over rough terrain thanks to the air filled tires. The low weight of the Mutsy prams makes them easy to push over small obstacles and if you do not need the pram for a while, you can fold it and carry it by the convenient handle.

Pram accessories

Mutsy offers a comprehensive range of pram accessories that increase your mobility and makes your life with baby much easier. For example, a footmuff can keep your baby warm in cold weather, a parasol provides shade and a rain cover keeps wind, rain and snow off your child. The Mutsy Buggyboard is the perfect option for transporting older children and can easily be attached to the pram chassis.

Car seats

Mutsy baby car seats can be used both as a child restraint system in the car and as travel system on a Mutsy chassis. Two shelves on the sides offer storage space for small items and the removable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Diaper bags

Mutsy diaper bags are available in the clear, urban design of the prams and the perfect accessory for fashion-conscious parents. The unisex bags are made from durable materials and offer enough space for all important items you need while out and about.

High chairs

Mutsy high chairs combine functionality, design and safety. The Grow-Ups by Mutsy are made from sustainable material and make every chair comfortable and perfect for children, plus they give children and parents a bit of freedom. The high chair with its low weight is also ideal for traveling

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