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Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy Prams + Strollers

In the spirit of their native country, New Zealand, the products from the dynamic and innovative company Mountain Buggy reflect the diversity of the country, and therefore also the demands toward manoeuvrablity, functionality and variety. True to the maxim that all buggies should be simple, stable, functional and safe, as well as being durable, Mountain Buggy products are the prefect companions for you and your baby whether in the urban jungle, amidst the narrow alleys and obstacle-ridden pavements, or in the country with a special emphasis being placed on uneven terrain.

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Last Modified: 1 August 2018

Mountain Buggy

Life without limits

Mountain Buggy was founded in 1992 out of the revolutionary idea that you can explore the hills of New Zealand with your baby. These prams, which are made with the highest possible precision, are real all-rounders today: Thanks to their sophisticated design, the off-road buggies are just as suitable for city trips and navigating through narrow alleyways. Mountain Buggy place special importance on the flexibility, durability, adaptability and simplicity of each of their products. This is something that Mountain Buggy are constantly developing. With their unbreakable, powerful innovation, Mountain Buggyy ensure their prams are perfectly tailored to the needs of parents and children, and guarantee the maximum security and efficiency they can muster.

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Prams and buggies

Mountain Buggy prams and buggies are designed for the needs of modern, mobile parents: Not only do they effortlessly glide over bumpy, stony ground with your baby in tow, but overcome each challenge found in the jungle that is the city centre. All Mountain Buggy prams and buggies undergo regular testing, and fulfill all quality and safety standards. The precise workmanship begins with the choice of high-quality materials (which guarantee the pram’s durability), directly followed by the handmade, careful assembly of the prams, and ends with storing them in a special packaging. The sporty, modern prams also impress with their clear lines, and special details including an integrated bottle holder, a handbrake, and a transport cover.

Pram accessories

The extensive range of Mountain Buggy accessories allows you to personalise your pram exactly how you want it. The adapters and matching car seats, for example, let you transform your Mountain Buggy into a practical travel system. There is even space for an older sibling on a Mountain Buggy pram thanks to the innovative buggy board (which can also be used as a scooter). Furthermore, you can store all of your important items for on the go in the practical, weather-proof bag.

Table seats

The Mountain Buggy high chairs let your baby sit directly with you at the dining table, both at home and elsewhere. These practical table seats can be attached via pressure-fit method onto the table edges, and with their ergonomic form they create a secure, comfortable place for your child to eat.

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