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MacLaren Strollers + Buggies

Innovative retro chic or modern design – anything is possible with the MacLaren buggies. In 1965, Owen MacLaren combined his sound experience as Grandfather and his expertise as an Aviation Engineer, resulting in the development and patenting of the prototype of the first baby buggy, the B-01. Then, as today, the distinctive characteristic of these innovative buggies were ultra lightweight construction and the 3D-folding mechanism, thanks to which the buggy can be folded down small with just one hand within seconds. This constituted a revolution that liberated parents from the bulky format of traditional pushchairs and soon made the MacLaren buggies a sought-after design hit.

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Last Modified: 20 July 2018


50 years of innovation

In 1965, Owen MacLaren used his experience and knowledge as an aviation engineer to create his first pram, and in doing so create the prototype for all further buggies for this quality brand. For over 50 years, this British company has been manufacturing top class buggies and matching accessories, equipping young families with safe, stylish and innovative products that make a new daily routine with a child even easier to manage. MacLaren is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of prams, boasts the highest safety standards and rises above other manufacturers with its unique, lifelong quality guarantee. MacLaren products are often referred to as the sports cars of the buggy world and for good reason.

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MacLaren buggies are hugely reliable companions for making journeys with. There are various different models on offer, from lightweight buggies to twin buggies, all designed to give your child the best possible safety and protection while on the move. Their simple yet stylish designs create a good impression wherever you are, be it the hustle and bustle of the city or the calm, quiet seafront. Some special features of all MacLaren buggies are their light weight, easy folding mechanisms and lockable swivel wheels, which make the buggies incredibly easy to manoeuvre. It is even possible to attach a matching carrycot onto some of the models.


Due to the extensive range of MacLaren accessories on offer, you really can personalise your buggy according to your needs and wishes. The parasols, rain covers and footmuffs are all designed to make your baby nice and comfortable in any weather. Extra storage and space and organisation is given in the form of practical organisers and bottle holders, while the buggies’ matching seat liners give your MacLaren buggy a pop of colour and added comfort. Going on holiday? Simply transport your buggy in its roomy travel bag.

Changing diaper bags

The roomy MacLaren diaper bags have plenty of space for all important items including diapers, spare clothes, toys and bottles. Their practical inner pockets ensure efficient organisation and spare the trouble of endless searching in your bag. The integrated changing mat is ideal if you want to change your baby’s diaper while on the move.

Baby rockers

The compact, battery-operated MacLaren baby rockers give your child a comfortable little space to rest, swing and play. These baby rockers’ comfortably padded, multi-adjustable backrests guarantee optimal seated and reclined positions, while their handles make them easy for you to reposition.

Dolls prams

The high quality MacLaren dolls prams are perfect prams for all young ‘doll mummies’ and daddies. Despite their light weight, these prams’ frames are exceptionally stable and solid on the ground and are easy for a child to push. Accessories include a diaper bag and a shopping basket, all of which enhance the joy of playtime even more.

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Pram Usage
  1. Suitable for city areas(55)
  2. Trips/Travels(55)
  3. Shopping(55)
Pram All Terrrain
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  3. Bag/pocket for mobile phone(1)
  4. Can be used as normal bag(1)
  5. Key compartment(1)
Changing Bag Fastener type
  1. Zipper(1)
Changing Bag incl. Stroller straps
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Characteristics Bouncer
  1. Swinging Function(3)
  2. With head rest(3)
  3. Adjustable back rest(3)
  4. Foldable(3)
  5. 5-point harness system(3)
  6. Removable toy bar(3)
Bouncer Music function
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Doll's Pram Min. height of handlebar
  1. 50 - 59cm(1)
Doll's Pram Max. height of handlebar
  1. 70 - 79cm(1)
Features Doll Strollers
  1. Height-adjustable handle(1)
  2. Foldable(1)