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Lascal Buggy Board Mini black

Lascal Buggy Board Mini black
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Quick Overview

The Lascal buggy board Mini is a great alternative to a tandem pram, as it is small, light and inexpensive. This board can be easily attached onto your pram, buggy or pushchair frame in conjunction with the separately sold connector kit, as long as the rod circumference is no more than 28 mm.

Product Description

Do you have a baby, and a toddler who can walk by themselves but still needs a break following longer journeys? Then you could either buy a tandem pram, or opt for the easier, more cost-effective solution: The Lascal buggy board Mini, which attaches onto many prams, buggies or joggers using a separately sold connector kit.

The Lascal buggy board Mini keeps you flexible at all times while on the move with both of your children. It is so easy to attach onto your pram frame as long as the frame circumference is a minimum of 26 cm and a maximum of 50 cm. To do so, simply use the connector kit (sold separately) and away you go! While your baby snuggles into their pram your older child can take their place on their very own Mini buggy board (max. weight 20 kg).

The board’s standing area is made from rubber, so your child won’t be able to slip off it. Your child will stand between you and the pram, so you’ll always have both children within your line of vision. But should your child want to walk again, no problem: Simply fold the buggy board up so that it’s out of the way.

The board’s comfortable driving features come in the form of large wheels with ample suspension, and 15 cm legroom. With an adjustable width of 25 – 51 cm and an adjustable height of up to 35 cm, the Lascal buggy board Mini can be perfectly adapted to meet your child’s needs. It really is the ideal alternative to a tandem pram!
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Description special features

  • Buggy board for use on several prams, buggies and joggers
  • Easy to attach onto pram
  • Adjustable arms to attach onto pram's bars with
  • Can withstand weight of up to 20 kg
  • Flexible quick connectors for secure attachment (round 14 - 26 mm, square 14 x 14 - 24 x 24 mm)
  • Adjustable in length (6 cm) 31 - 37 cm overall length of buggy board
  • Adjustable width of 25 - 51 cm
  • Adjustable height of up to 35 cm
  • Rubber surface prevents slipping
  • Large wheels with suspension
  • Folds up
  • 15 cm leg room

Additional Information

Package Content Buggy board
Name Lascal Buggy Board Mini black
Product type Pram accessories
EAN Code 7330863028303
Article number supplier 2830
Weight (in kg) Peso máximo 20 kg
Colour Black
Colour supplier Mini black
Measurements Length 31 - 37 cm x Width 25 - 51 cm x Height up to 35 cm
Package dimensions + weight Length 24 cm x Width 8 cm x Height 42 cm, Weight 1 kg
Last product update 30 July 2018

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