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Jette Hoco Mosquito Net Pram

Jette Hoco Mosquito Net Pram
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Quick Overview

Summer, sunshine, lots of fun – but also mosquitoes and other insects. For babies, mosquito stings are very unpleasant and other insects in the pram can be downright dangerous. Thanks to the Jette Hoco Mosquito Net Pram, you can protect your child from those little blood suckers and pests.

Product Description

Even adults generally dislike mosquitoes. Bees and wasps also tend to make most people nervous. But for babies, mosquito stings can be a real challenge. And stings by bees and wasps can have serious consequences. So it's important to protect small children effectively from these insects. The Jette Hoco Mosquito Net Pram offers the perfect protection for summer walks with the pram.

The Jette Hoco Mosquito Net Pram is easy and safe to pull over your pram and ensures that mosquitoes, bees or wasps cannot get into the pram. Of course, all parents are careful and watch their child in the pram. But what can you do if a wasp flies into the pram. And if you have an older sibling walking next to the pram, it's not always possible to permanently keep the summer pests away from your baby in the pram.

The Jette Hoco Mosquito Net Pram is made from a fine mesh fabric so it won't impede the ventilation in the pram.

Description special features

  • Mosquito net
  • Suitable for buggies Joel, Jubilee, Jeremy, Jeff and Joke, Jason, Jasper, Jupiter and Jerome
  • Also suitable for Hoco Enzo, Toni and Grande
  • Protection from mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other insects
  • Reliable protection from insects without side effects
  • Easy to attach to buggy
  • Ventilation in buggy not impeded

Additional Information

Package Content Mosquito net
Name Jette Hoco Mosquito Net Pram
Product type Pram accessories
EAN Code 9120034725616
Article number supplier HNW13-900-BS510
Colour Black
Measurements Suitable for Jette Joel, Jubilee, Jeremy, Jeff and Joker.
Suitable for Hoco Enzo, Toni and Grande.
Last product update 18 April 2018

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