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Inglesina Amerigo Car Seat Group 1 - 9 18 kg inkiostro black - Collection 2017

Inglesina Amerigo Car Seat Group 1 - 9 18 kg inkiostro black - Collection 2017
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Quick Overview

With the Inglesina Amerigo Car Seat Group 1 - 9 18 kg, not only are you investing in high quality and excellent workmanship, you also receive a very safe car seat, in which your child can sit comfortably, even on long journeys, without having to sacrifice the required safety standards.

Product Description

In traffic, safety is a top priority. The product designers at Inglesina took this to heart when creating the Inglesina Amerigo Car Seat Group 1 - 9 18 kg; this modern and elegantly designed car seat meets the highest safety standards. This latest seat from the group 1 car seat range can be used by children weighing between 9 and 18 kg, in accordance with the European ECE R44/04 safety standard. However, your child must be able to sit upright be themselves before they transfer from using a carrycot to a car seat, since it is only at this point that those groups of muscles have been sufficiently developed and can hold your child's head during a collision, whilst they are sat in a forwards-facing seat.

The Inglesina Amerigo Car Seat Group 1 - 9 18 kg has been completely designed with your child's comfort in mind. The backrest can be adjusted to four different positions, allowing you, for example, to position your child lying down on longer journeys, so that they can sleep peacefully. Here, safety, however, is not compromised. The entire seat has been padded, so that it is nice and comfortable and soft, and it has been ergonomically designed. Thanks to the air holes on the sides and the back of the seat, your child won't sweat too much during hot temperatures. If the cover ever gets dirty, this isn't a problem, since you can always remove it and hand wash it at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Safety is written with a capital 'S' when it comes to the Inglesina Amerigo Car Seat Group 1 - 9 18 kg. This latest model has been fitted with a HSA (Hydraulic Shock Absorber), which minimises the intensity of a collision for your child. The belt is automatically retrieved and therefore, during an accident, a large amount of resistance is created between your child and the belt, thereby dramatically reducing the possibility that your child will slip out of the belt. Even the 5-point safety belt, which is becoming more common with car seats due to safety reasons, has been included by Inglesina.

Description special features

  • Group 1 car seat according to ECE R44/04
  • Can be used for children weighing between 9 to 18 kg
  • Latest HSA (Hydraulic Shock Absorber)
  • Backrest can be adjusted to four positions
  • Comfortable padding
  • Automatic belt retrieval system for less movement during a collision
  • Air holes in the backrest and on the sides
  • Ergonomically designed seat
  • Even more protection during a side-on collision
  • Belts integrated into the headrest
  • Seat matches your child's growth spurts perfectly
  • 5-point belt
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Jersey cover with breathable net can be completely removed and hand washed
  • Attached to the seat of your car using the car's seat belts

Additional Information

Package Content Car seat
Name Inglesina Amerigo Car Seat Group 1 - 9 18 kg inkiostro black - Collection 2017
Product type Car Seats
EAN Code 8029448048247
Article number supplier AV98C0INK
Weight (in kg) 9.5 kg
Characteristics Car Seats Adjustable backrest, 5-point belt system, Washable covers
Car Seat ISOFIX No
Car seat Attachment to vehicle Safety belt
Car Seat direction Forward-facing
Car Seat Child's weight 9-18 kg
Car Seat Group Group 1
Car Seat Age Type 9 months - 4 years
Car Seat Adapts to growing child Yes
Colour Black
Colour supplier Inkiostro
Measurements Height 72 cm x width 44 cm x depth 62 cm
Package dimensions + weight Length 54 cm x Width 47 cm x Height 75 cm, Weight 10 kg
Last product update 11 September 2017

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