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Inglesina Prams + Strollers

The name Inglesina has been synonymous with quality prams for over 40 years. During this time, the Italian company has continuously developed itself in order to provide the optimum security, functionality and comfort for babies and young children. This traditional brand has combined years of experience with innovation and ultra-modern technology, and this is evident in all of their prams and buggies. All prams and buggies that leave this worldwide company not only strive to make children feel at home, they also have another priority: To make hectic, everyday life easier for parents, enabling them to concentrate on what’s important - their child’s development. And it’s for this reason that, as you can tell, all Inglesina products are made with love!

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Last Modified: 10 July 2018


An Italian love story

Inspired by his love for children and his passion for go-karting, Liviano Tomasi founded Inglesina Baby in December 1963. Since the launch of his revolutionary Apollo pram, this Italian company has gone from strength to strength, and today it has a wide range of products with an extraordinary, worldwide reputation. Years of experience and outstanding dedication allow this traditional brand to create new products that are perfectly tailored to the needs of both children and parents. This high quality is just as prominent as the unmistakable Inglesina style.

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Prams and buggies

The high quality Inglesina prams are available as combi-prams, buggies, classic prams, designer prams, and twin/tandem prams. These extra-chic prams are made with great attention to detail, and impress with their easy handling, high comfort and outstanding functionality. All Inglesina prams are easy to store, and each model comes with extensive accessories for every purpose. These include a shopping basket, a footmuff, and a diaper bag.

Car seats

Inglesina car seats have a high degree of security, the best possible comfort, and variable settings and features. They are available for different age groups, and their durable materials and numerous functional parts ensure they will stand the test of time. The Inglesina baby car seats come with seat liners for new-borns, which guarantee secure hold and support from the very first day. These seats are also very easy to attach onto the Inglesina buggy frames, transforming your buggy into a practical travel system at lightning speed.

High chairs

Inglesina high chairs let your child sit comfortablywith you at the dining table. These elegant high chairs come in a timeless, modern design, are available in a range of colours, and offer seated comfort of the highest level. But these high chairs also score highly in terms of functionality and features: Their various settings let you tailor them to suit you, and their removable covers make them extremely easy to clean.

Diaper bags

With the high quality Inglesina diaper bags, you can be sure you’ve got all of your important items immediately to hand while on the move. These stylish bags make chic accessories for your Inglesina pram, as they are available in designs that match the prams themselves. Equipped with numerous inner pockets and practical accessories, Inglesina diaper bags have the space and flexibility to see you through any situation.

Travel cots

The colourful Inglesina travel cots give your baby a comfortable, secure place to sleep while travelling. These lovingly designed travel cots come with lots of refined details and special functions all created to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and are quick and easy to fold and transport.

Baby carriers

The Inglesina baby carriers make it possible to keep your baby close to you at all times. These baby carriers can be used in various different ways, and thanks to their wide, padded belts they are comfortable to carry even on longer journeys. Now you can comfortably explore city and country with your baby in tow.

  1. Combi Prams (76)
  2. Buggies (36)
  3. Baby Prams (4)
  4. Designer Prams (6)
  5. Double Twin Prams (2)
  6. Pram Accessories (49)
  7. Car Seats (34)
  8. High Chairs (14)
  9. Changing Diaper Bags (31)
  10. Travel Cots (4)
  11. Baby Bouncers (4)
  12. Baby Carriers (5)
  13. Special Offers (3)
Stock / Time to Dispatch
  1. On stock(11)
  2. 1 week(117)
  3. 2-4 weeks(103)
  4. Include Out of Stock
Product type
  1. Prams(118)
  2. Pram accessories(46)
  3. Car Seats(21)
  4. Car seat accessories(7)
  5. High Chairs(12)
  6. High Chair accessories(2)
  7. + see more
Pram Features
  1. Adjustable footrest(105)
  2. Height-adjustable handle(78)
  3. Adjustable backrest(114)
  4. Reversible seat(93)
  5. With seat + carrycot(55)
Pram Usage
  1. All terrain(17)
  2. Suitable for city areas(113)
  3. Walks(5)
  4. Trips/Travels(118)
  5. Shopping(118)
Pram All Terrrain
  1. Yes(17)
  2. No(101)
Pram Number of seats
  1. One(116)
  2. Two(2)
  1. -
Clear Brands
  1. 4moms(20)
  2. 7 AM Enfant(19)
  3. ABC Design(221)
  4. Amelis(4)
  5. BabaSling(11)
  6. Baby Jogger(159)
  7. Inglesina(250)
  8. + see more
  1. Metal(7)
  2. Plastic(4)
Car Seat Age Type
  1. 0-18 months(12)
  2. 9 months - 4 years(4)
  3. 9 months - 12 years(4)
Car Seat Child's weight
  1. 0-13 kg(12)
  2. 15-36 kg(4)
  3. 9-36 kg(4)
Car Seat Group
  1. Group 0+ 0 13 kg(12)
  2. Group 1 2 3(4)
  3. Group 2 3(4)
  1. Yes(8)
  2. No(3)
Characteristics Car Seats
  1. Adjustable headrests(8)
  2. Adjustable backrest(4)
  3. Adjustable shoulder strap(12)
  4. 5-point belt system(4)
  5. Washable covers(16)
  6. Swinging mechanism(12)
Car Seat Adapts to growing child
  1. Yes(8)
  2. No(12)
Car Seat direction
  1. Forward-facing(8)
  2. Backward-facing(12)
Car seat Attachment to vehicle
  1. Belted base(12)
  2. ISOFIX(8)
  3. Isofix Base(12)
  4. Safety belt(20)
High Chair Features
  1. Foldable(12)
  2. Seat cushion included(8)
  3. Portable(12)
  4. Adjustable back rest(4)
  5. Adjustable seat height(4)
  6. Adjustable table top(4)
  7. + see more
Changing Bag Material
  1. Polyester(6)
Changing Bag Pattern/Design
  1. Monochrome(6)
Changing Bag Features
  1. Wipe-clean(6)
  2. Adjustable shoulder strap(6)
  3. Matching changing mat(6)
  4. Insulated bottle holder(6)
Changing Bag Fastener type
  1. Velcro(6)
  2. Zipper(6)
Changing Bag incl. Stroller straps
  1. Yes(6)
Characteristics Bouncer
  1. Swinging Function(4)
  2. Adjustable back rest(4)
  3. Removable toy bar(4)
Bouncer Music function
  1. Yes(4)
  1. From birth(5)
Characteristics Baby Carriers
  1. Baby front facing(5)
  2. Adjustable head support(5)
Max Child weight
  1. under 10 kg(5)