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Wooden High Chairs

Wooden High Chairs

A wooden high chair, either a convertible or adjustable high chair, can be found in almost every product line of the respective manufacturers. Due to the material and net weight, these high chairs are heavier than plastic chairs but they are also very robust, stable and more versatile than expected. A long working life, thanks to numerous adjustment possibilities and high-quality (solid) wood are just as beneficial as the option to repaint/varnish or even repair small scratches with wood filler if necessary. As wood needs special treatment in the construction of the high chair, it is very important that you do not use toxic varnish, colours or protective agents.

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Last Modified: 11 July 2018

Further Information

Chic, robust, natural

Wooden high chairs are the natural version of the high chair. They are the perfect choice for all parents who have predominantly wooden furniture at home. A wooden high chair is a good visual match to the rest of the furniture. Within the category wooden high chairs, there are two different varieties: the adjustable wooden high chair that can grow with your child and the convertible high chair. Beyond these two categories, there is a large range of different models available – with great variety in terms both colors and design.

Wooden High Chairs

1. A Brief Guide

Children, even very small ones, are a part of the family – this sentence sounds so obvious that it seems silly to write it down. But in reality, this seemingly obvious truth is often hard to apply in practice. Being part of the family means children want to and should be allowed to take part in family life. High chairs help parents to meet their children’s desire for closeness. In a baby high chair, the child can sit at the dinner table together with the grownups – both at mealtime and when the family is spending time together. And of course, the baby or toddler can also eat a meal here with the family.

2. Which Advantages do Wooden High Chairs Offer?

As described above, wooden high chairs have the great advantage that the child can sit at the table together with the grownups. Plus, wooden high chairs offer all the benefits that characterise solid wood furniture:

  • Wooden furniture has a positive effect on the living climate.
  • Solid wood furniture does not usually trigger allergies and is very suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Solid wood furniture has a very low environmental footprint: wood is a carbon-neutral renewable resource.

3. Convertible or Adjustable?

There are two primary categories of wooden high chair: the adjustable high chair that can grow with your child and the convertible high chair. Here is a brief introduction of both types:

Wooden adjustable high chairs
These wooden high chairs consist of a frame and an adjustable board as seat plus another adjustable board as footrest. This construction enables you to adapt the seat height individually to suit the size of the child. Most wooden adjustable high chairs are suitable for children from six months right up to the teenage years.
Convertible Wooden High Chairs
Convertible high chairs consist of a child’s table and child’s chair. Both units can be combined to form a high chair. Once the child has outgrown the high chair, the units can be separated and chair and table can be used as table set.

4. What to Watch Out For When Buying?

The most important criteria are quality and safety: for example, with a wooden high chair you should check whether the paint or varnish used in the high chair is free of harmful substances. Plus, a high chair should not have any sharp edges or corners. And last but not least, it needs to be stable. Once these questions have been resolved, you can turn your attention to the design. Plus, parents should consider the features that are required in everyday life before they buy. In other words, is it more important to have a foldable high chair so it’s easy to store away? Is the high chair going to be used in multiple rooms? In that case, portable high chairs are a good choice. And finally, you have a large selection of various accessories to choose from, for example trays and seat cushions.

5. When to Buy?

The best time to buy a wooden high chair is when your baby is around six months old. Most children can then sit unsupported and are ready for the first solid food.

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