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Table Seats

Table Seats

Whether you are using it to feed your child or are storing it in the cupboard, a table seat is virtually invisible. Thanks to its extremely small size and low weight, a table seat is very easy to transport and is therefore perfectly suitable as an additional seat for travelling or for eating out in a restaurant Simply take your seat out of the box, unfold it and screw it to the table - in a similar way to a vice. All standard table tops between 20 and 50 mm can be used. Table seats may not be attached to glass tables, loose table tops, single leg tables and camping tables. Babies up to a weight of 15 kg can therefore sit securely and close to their parents at the table. A raised back rest additionally supports baby's flexible spine and products with an additional belt stop children from falling out.

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Last Modified: 14 July 2018

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The Alternative to the Classic High Chair

Whether as an alternative or as an accessory to a classic high chair – the table seat is definitely the most compact solution when it comes to providing a seat for your child at the grownup’s table. It is lightweight, compact and can usually even be folded. This makes it ideal for traveling. This article provides an overview of the main features which characterise table seats and what you should consider when using them in your daily life with a child.

Table Seats

1. Basic Info

As all baby high chairs, table seats offer babies and toddlers the opportunity to sit at the table with the grownups.

2. Functionality and Advantages

Table seats are particularly compact and lightweight high chairs, usually made of metal or plastic, sometimes of wood. Table seats are simply attached to the table top via clamps or screws. The lever action keeps the table seat securely in place and firmly attached to the table top. Plus, the anchors are padded so the table will not get damaged.

These seats can be easily and quickly attached to the table and give you a high degree of flexibility. They are great for going on trips or traveling. Table seats take up very little space and are easy to store, so they are also ideal as a high chair at the grandparents’. If the grandchildren are not visiting, the table seat can be stored away and is quickly to hand when needed.

All table seats are easy to transport thanks to their lightweight design. Some models can also be folded down so they are even easier to use – whether for transport or easy storage. You can take the table seat along when traveling – even on the plane. Most models only weigh around two kilos.

3. Features, Specials and Special Models

There is a large variety of table seats to choose from. They are available in many different colours, by many manufacturers, with numerous features and designs.

Features include, for example, adjustable trays. With most table seats, the child uses the table to which the table seat is attached. A tray can be handy when traveling if you are not sure how clean the restaurant table is. Plus, the tray has a raised edge that keeps any spills on the tray and prevents any mess or spilled liquids spreading out further.

Another useful feature is an additional seat cushion, for greater sitting comfort.

4. What to Watch Out For When Buying and Using the Table Seat?

When buying a table seat, it is particularly important to check for quality and good workmanship. Before using your new table seat for the first time, you need to ensure it is firmly attached to the table top. After all, the clamps or screws need to hold your child’s entire weight – even if the little one does not sit very still.

Another important aspect to consider is that the table top must not be too thick or too thin. Plus, the table needs to be sturdy and stable. And finally, there are weight limitations for children in table seats, which must not be exceeded.

5. When to Buy?

If you are going to use the table seat as main high chair at home, the best time to buy is when the child is approximately six months old. If you are going to use the table seat as a traveling seat, you need to order it in time before the journey starts. You should ideally allow extra time so you can test the seat at home before going on holiday.

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