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Restaurant High Chairs

Restaurant High Chairs

What could be more practical than being able to take your own high chair to your favourite café? A restaurant high chair gives you this opportunity thanks to the practical and handy design and assembly method. Whether you are using a universal attachment system with safety bolts, which allow direct attachment to the table, or a seat booster, which allows you to adjust the seat height: Being independent from local conditions can be extremely practical and comfortable. Seat liners and seat attachments with adjustable mounts for various chair and table heights that adapt to every standard chair or, at least, can be attached to every standard chair, provide, in combination with belts and padding, comfortable comfort, safety and flexibility for both parents and children.

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Last Modified: 14 July 2018

Further Information

Going Out For a Meal with the Baby

Whether you are going to a family celebration, out with friends or just eating out as a family – when parents go to a café or restaurant with their baby, it’s rarely possible to make it a spontaneous visit. Apart from the fact that not every café and every restaurant has a child-appropriate menu, the question is, where should the child sit? Restaurants do not always have a high chair available. Or sometimes the high chair you find in a restaurant does not look fit to sit your child in it. Restaurant high chairs are the answer: these compact, lightweight, universally suitable high chairs are easy to take along on your next restaurant visit. This solves the question of where to sit the child once and for all.

Restaurant High Chairs

1. General Information

Children are not little adults – everyone is probably aware of this. But as obvious as this statement seems, it still seems hard sometimes to take it to heart in reality. This already becomes evident in the small things of life, such as the normal furniture. Most furniture items are not just too big for children, but also designed in such a way that they are unsuitable for children. You cannot sit a child at the table on a tall stool and expect it to end well. A chair has to be suitable for a child, not just in terms of seat, but also in terms of functionality. That’s why high chairs were developed: they are designed for children and enable them to sit safely and appropriate to their age.

2. Advantages of the Specialists

Restaurant high chairs are the specialists among the specialists, so to speak: they are special chairs for children and specially designed for being used in a restaurant or café. Their advantages have been described briefly above, but let’s recap once more. So: Why should parents invest in a restaurant high chair?

  • Not all restaurants have their own high chairs or there may not be enough high chairs available in the restaurant you visit, and parents cannot eat their meal if they have a child on their lap all the time.
  • At motorway service stations in particular, there are often high chairs available, but they do not look very appealing. Here, it’s much nicer if you have brought along your own portable high chair for your child to sit in.
  • Children are creatures of habit: fussy eaters in particular are more likely to try the unfamiliar, new food in the restaurant or café if they can sit in a familiar chair.

3. Overview of Available Versions

There are of course different versions of restaurant high chair, each of which have their individual advantages:

Booster Seats/Booster Cushions
These types of restaurant high chairs are special seat cushions with an integrated backrest and harness. They can be simply placed onto a normal chair and are held in place via straps. The great advantage: they are very lightweight.
Foldable/collapsible booster seats
These booster seats consist of a frame and a seat attached to it. They are placed onto a normal chair and strapped into place. The advantage: most models are height adjustable, so you can adapt them to the size of your child and the height of the table and chair in the restaurant.
Table Seat
These restaurant high chairs consist of a seat unit with attachment. Simply clamp them into place or screw them onto the table top. The advantage: these high chairs can be folded compactly and are great for small children.

4. Important: What to Watch Out For When Buying

Safety, quality and absence of harmful substances – these are the three things you need to consider when buying a restaurant high chair.

5. Planning Ahead: When to Buy

For very small children, you do not need a restaurant high chair yet. Usually, the baby sits in the buggy while in the restaurant. But once the child is old enough to eat solid food, it’s time to buy a restaurant high chair, assuming of course the parents frequently go out for a meal. If you only go to a restaurant once a year, you do not need to have a restaurant high chair. In that case you can just phone up the restaurant in advance and ask them to reserve a high chair for you.

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