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Portable High Chairs

Portable High Chairs

A portable high chair makes every holiday feel like home as baby high chairs, which have been especially designed for hotels and holiday apartments, are extremely flexible, lightweight, can be collapsed with only one hand and can be stored almost anywhere. They are available in different versions and are simple to collapse; they can be used as a seat booster with a belt or even as a suspended seat that is attached to the table. Even though they are normally used for temporary periods of time, they are in no way inferior to "regular" baby high chairs in terms of comfort and adjustability. Aside from being perfect travelling companions, portable high chairs can also be used as spare high chairs at home for visiting children.

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Last Modified: 31 July 2018

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Specialists for On the Go

Small, smaller, the smallest – that’s the credo of portable high chairs. These high chairs are designed to be easy to transport when traveling so you can provide a suitable seat for your child once you reach your holiday destination. There are vast differences within this category – both in terms of functionality and in terms of how long they can be used, in other words, the age range for which they are suitable. The following overview tells you why you need a portable high chair, which model is suitable for whom and what you should watch out for.

Portable High Chairs

1. General Info on Portable High Chairs

Of course you could also feed your baby in the baby car seat when traveling or going for trips. Babies up to the age of 18 months sit very comfortably in the baby car seat and can be easily fed with baby food etc. But for children in particular, eating is much more than just absorbing food. They want to take part in the social experience of mealtimes, and to do so they need a suitable seat at the family table. That’s the only way they can share the family meal together with the other family members and take part in the communication – even if it’s in a non-verbal form at this age.

2. Advantages and Varieties

In addition to the general advantages of high chairs outlined above, portable high chairs offer the advantage that they are small, lightweight and compact to fold. This makes them ideal when visiting the grandparents: if the high chair is not needed, you can simply fold it and store it in a cupboard where it can wait till the grandchildren come round for the next visit. But even though a portable high chair is lightweight, small and easy to transport, there are still very different models available within this category. Which portable high chair is right for you depends on your requirements and expectations.

Foldable booster seat
These portable high chairs have a solid frame with a seat attached to it. The difference to classic high chairs is that the frame is much smaller as this type of high chair is attached to a normal chair. The construction is usually a metal frame with a soft cover or a molded plastic seat. In brief, almost like a real high chair.
Booster cushion
These portable high chairs are also booster seats that are placed on normal chairs and attached to them. But in this case, there is no solid frame or a seat unit of metal or plastic. The entire booster seat is made of a sturdy padded fabric with integrated straps for securing the child and attaching the seat to the chair. In brief, extra lightweight.
Table Seat
This type of high chair consists of a seat unit and two anchors with which the seat is attached to the table by clamping or screwing it into place. This requires a sturdy table top with a sufficient thickness.
Additional benefit of some portable high chairs
Portable high chairs have different features. Some portable high chairs come with a tray, others use the family table instead. Some portable high chairs include a seat cushion, others come with a transport bag.

3. What to Watch Out For When Buying

Even if portable high chairs are only used for a few weeks a year, you still need to check the quality and safety of the one you buy. The high chair should be made of materials that are free of harmful substances. Plus, children’s furniture should of course be free of sharp edges and the like. And the model you choose needs to meet your own requirements, for example, it needs to be suitable for the size and weight of your child.

4. When is the Best Time to Buy?

As you can imagine, portable high chairs are best bought in time for your next holiday. After all, you want to be able to try the high chair out at home first before you go away on holiday.

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