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High Chairs + Rocker

High Chairs + Rocker

Nowadays, thanks to integrated Rockers, high chairs can be used even before your baby can sit independently. These chairs are often equipped with a stable frame, the chairs of which can be adjusted into an upright or horizontal position so that your baby can use the chair as soon as he or she is born. This high chair combines Rocker and seat and thus eliminates the necessity of purchasing two separate products.

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Last Modified: 31 July 2018

What you should also know

Two With One Stone

With a new family member, a lot of joy is entering your life, and the space in your home decreases – because even though a baby is still very small, a little person already needs quite a lot of furniture. This includes a high chair where the child can sit at the table and a baby rocker where the baby can play, snooze and cuddle. The two-in-one models of high chairs + rockers offer a combination of both and include a lot of added functionality. The combination high chair + rocker is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

High Chairs + Rocker

1. Advantages of High Chairs

Baby high chairs offer the child the opportunity to sit at the grownup table and feel part of the family. In many families, sharing a meal – at least in the evenings and at the weekend – is a fixed part of family life. Baby high chairs are designed in such a way that the child can sit at the family table in a safe and child-appropriate way. Most high chairs can grow with the child, in other words, they can be adapted to the size and development stage of the child. Usually, you can adjust the height of the seat and the footrest. For very small babies, there are harness systems which can be taken off later on. Sometimes there are little slot-in tables for the child to have the first attempts at eating independently. These can also be easily removed when they are no longer needed.

2. Advantages of Baby Rockers

In the first few weeks and months, babies spend a lot of time asleep or snoozing. Parents are soon looking for an alternative, so the baby does not always have to sleep in the cot. Baby rockers are ideal for offering the child a safe and comfortable place to rest. With most baby rockers, the backrest can be adjusted so you can choose between a reclining position and a sitting position. Another advantage of baby rockers is that the rocking motion calms children down. It’s easy for parents to rock small babies gently, and older children can move their legs and rock themselves. This is great fun for the child and encourages motor skills.

3. More Than the Sum of Its Parts

The 2-in-1 furniture available in the category high chairs + rockers is a successful combination of these two extremely convenient children’s furniture items. They combine not just the advantages of two different types of children’s furniture, but also offer added functions thanks to their symbiosis: Thanks to the combination of high chair and rocker, small babies and even newborns can be near the rest of the family – no matter whether at the table or while the parents are cooking in the kitchen. Whereas normal rockers are placed on the floor and do not really enable the baby to take part in family life, the rocker in this special version of high chair + rocker is attached to the frame. Plus, a high chair + rocker is ideal for giving baby its bottle – while mum or dad sit comfortably on a chair next to the child.

4. Important: What to Watch Out For When Buying

The high chairs with integrated rocker have very different features, depending on make and model. Before buying, parents should consider carefully which features are important to them. Here are the features that are most commonly available:

  • Rollers on the frame for easier transport
  • Removable table
  • Collapsible frame
  • Additional module: baby rocker
  • Activity bar

5. Planning Ahead: When to Buy

As the high chairs with rocker module can be used even for very small babies, it makes sense to buy this item of furniture already in time for the birth or shortly afterwards. It’s certainly not a must-have – but it’s definitely a big help.

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