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Designer High Chairs

Designer High Chairs

The appeal of a designer high chair lays not only in its fine design. In reality, it is the perfect symbiosis of functionality and innovative design which makes it stand out and easily adapt to any sophisticated location. Last but not least, design is an important factor and the beautiful shape can help to ensure that growing up turins into an exciting and active process. Designer high chairs naturally emphasise the optical aspect through elegant lines and fine materials without neglecting fundamental aspects such as ergonomically formed seats, safety, suitability for daily use and practical use. In fact, they integrate these aspects in a pleasing way and thus provide trend-conscious parents with an alternative to common baby high chairs - as well as a high chair that matches your home.

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Last Modified: 31 July 2018

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Fusion of Design and Function

Designer high chairs are characterised by three things: their unusual appearance, the high quality workmanship and the cleverly designed features. These high chairs offer optimum comfort to parents and children alike – in any respect. They are the high-end products among the children’s high chairs. If you value design and love technical finesse, a designer high chair is the best choice for you. This article provides an overview of what this A-class of high chairs can do, what you should consider when buying and which special features they offer.

Designer High Chairs

1. Companies, Advantages and Features

Designer high chairs are available from companies such as Babybjörn, Concord, Mamas & Papas, Phil and Teds or Svan. These days, some manufacturers specialise in producing designer furniture for children. But more and more classic furniture makers of baby and children’s products now also offer designer ranges, including designer high chairs. This shows the market is huge. More and more parents are looking for visually appealing products for their child, instead of just functional furniture. For your own child, only the best will do. And incidentally, a chic designer high chair really does look good in your home. Advantage number one of designer high chairs is their visual appearance: here, the manufacturers have taken special care in choosing the materials and implementing the latest design trends. As a result, designer high chairs integrate seamlessly into a fashionable interior design. After all, who says parenthood and liking designer furniture are mutually exclusive?! Another significant characteristic of designer high chairs is that they offer numerous features which make everyday life easier for parents. Here are the most common features:

Adjustable Seat Height
To ensure your child can use the designer high chair for a long time, most models have an adjustable seat so you can vary the height.
Adjustable Backrest
If you can recline the backrest, the child can start using the designer high chair even before he or she can sit up. Plus, the child can then also have a nap in the designer high chair.
A tray can be attached to the frame of the designer high chair so the child has his or her own table to start eating independently. Usually, these trays have a slightly raised edge and sometimes they are even dishwasher safe.
If you do not need the designer high chair for a while, you can fold it up and put it away.
Rocking Function
Some designer high chairs also have a rocking function. This enables you to use the high chair as baby bouncer where the child can snooze and play – often from birth.

2. Important: What to Watch Out for When Buying

Even if designer high chairs are among the premium high chairs, you should still always check if they meet all the requirements in terms of safety and absence of harmful substances, in addition to the criteria of shape and functionality. Plus, you should consider what exactly you want from the high chair – in other words: which functions and which accessories do you want and need?

3. The Right Time to Buy

Essentially, the right time to buy a designer high chair is shortly before your baby is ready for the first solid food. But it’s a different story if you choose a high chair with rocking function: these high chairs can usually be used from birth.

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