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Convertible High Chairs

Convertible High Chairs

The convertible high chair, as a hybrid construction of high chair and table, consists of a table with a chair and, when combined, it serves as a baby high chair, the components of which can also be used individually. Therefore, table and chair can be used as separate entities for drawing, playing or eating which is especially important for school and pre-school children in regard to developing independence. A convertible high chair's versatility, as an alternative to separately purchased high chairs and tables, is without question an enormous advantage of this product. In order to profit from a long working life, the surfaces should be stain-resistant and easy to clean.

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Last Modified: 17 July 2018

What You Should Also Know

If You Want A Bit More

When is a high chair a convertible high chair? Generally speaking, a convertible high chair is a high chair that offers more than just being a high chair. This added function can vary from model to model. There is a large range of convertible high chairs available. Here is an overview of the most common models, who they are suitable for and what you should consider when buying.

Convertible High Chairs

1. An ABC of Convertible High Chairs

Before we discuss the special features of convertible high chairs, let’s first look at some general information on children’s high chairs. Some new parents may ask themselves why a high chair is needed at all. First of all, there are some very practical considerations: Until children reach school age, they are too small to sit on a normal chair in such a way that they can reach the table and eat properly. Just putting a cushion under your child does not really help, because most children do not sit still and the cushion will keep slipping out and landing on the floor – and in the worst scenario, so will your child. Nor is it a solution to just let your child eat at a child’s table. Having a meal together as a family has an important social function and is more than just consuming food: it helps to strengthen bonds within the family. That’s why it makes sense to have your child sitting at the table in the high chair even if the child is still too young to share in the family food. But the child can still share in the family atmosphere, being together and communicating, in other words, the social component of a family meal.

2. Advantages and Special Features

As there are so many different versions within the group convertible high chairs, we offer a brief overview of the different types of convertible high chair.

Combination of chair and table
The classic among the convertible high chairs is the two-part high chair that consists of a table and child’s chair. One can be placed into the other to form a high chair that can be pushed right up to the dining table. Generally, it also comes with a removable tray that attaches to the high chair. Once the child has grown out of the high chair, the table and chair can be used as children’s dining set.
Combination of high chair and slot-in tray
These high chairs are made of a frame, a seat unit and a slot-in tray where the child can have a first go at eating independently. Usually these slot-in trays are enclosed by an all-round guard so any spills stay on the tray instead of running off the edge. Once the child is a bit older, you can take off the tray and the child can eat at the grownup’s table.

Other Benefits of Convertible High Chairs

There are also convertible high chairs that offer other (or additional) benefits than the ones described above. The most commonly found additional benefits are:

  • Easy to transport – thanks to wheels or compact size when folded
  • Adjustable backrest – so the child can use the high chair for resting
  • Restaurant high chair – this version is usually not adjustable, but instead very sturdy

3. Important: What to Watch Out For When Buying

Before buying, you need to consider carefully which type of convertible high chair is best suited to your individual needs. Plus, you need to check for quality and workmanship, in particular to ensure the high chair is free of harmful substances, does not wobble and does not have any sharp edges.

4. Planning Ahead: When To Buy

The best time to buy a convertible high chair is when the child starts sitting independently. For most convertible high chairs, the child needs to be able to sit up. Babies usually learn to sit at the age of about six months.

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