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Baby High Chairs

Baby High Chairs

Baby high chair is a term that includes the most well known types of high chairs. The most common type, the adjustable high chair, is characterised by an adjustable seat which makes it possible to adapt the high chair to the child's age. In addition, there is also a convertible high chair. It is a combination of high chair and table and is usually made from wood. Furthermore, there is also the plastic high chair with bucket seat, which is often equipped with numerous extras such as a removable tray.

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Last Modified: 18 July 2018

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Chairs for Children, Small or Big

It’s a place for eating, communicating, sharing in everyday family life and sometimes having a little nap – we are talking about the baby high chair. Baby high chairs are very versatile items of furniture that meet the specific needs of children and babies. The range of available baby high chairs is enormous and you have a lot of choice, from the adjustable high chair to the designer high chair. But what can the various types of high chair do and which version is the best for you? This guide gives a quick overview of the most common models.

Baby High Chairs

1. Common Features, Differences and Specific Advantages

As the term baby high chair is a collective term for all high chairs that are designed for the specific needs of babies and children, let’s first have a quick look at the most common types of baby high chair. Important: all high chairs have in common that they let the child sit at the table together with the adults – so they offer a suitable sitting height. Plus, a high chair has a safety restraint system, or allows you to add one, so that small children cannot accidentally slip out of the high chair.

Adjustable High Chairs
Adjustable high chairs feature a frame and height adjustable seat area plus leg support. For very small babies, you can usually add a table or safety bar plus harness system. These high chairs can grow with your child. This type of chair is also very comfortable for adults.
Table Seats
Table seats are the most compact type of high chair on the market. They consist simply of a child-appropriate bucket seat that attaches to the table top or slots onto it. This makes table seats ideal as travel high chairs or restaurant high chairs.

2. Important: What to Watch Out For When Buying

As there are so many and such different types of high chair, it’s a good idea to consider carefully what you want the high chair for, before you go out to buy one. Here are the most important questions and aspects you as parent should consider beforehand:

  • Should the baby high chair be used exclusively as high chair for the age group six months to three years?
  • Do you want the baby high chair to grow with your child and accompany your little treasure right through to school age or even the teenage years?
  • Do you want to use the baby high chair as a luxury baby rocker even for newborns?
  • How important is design? Do you want a highly modern designer item?
  • Do you want the baby high chair to be made of a special material? Perhaps wood?
  • Should accessories such as safety harness, table and so on already be included with the high chair?
  • Do you want to use the high chair at home or are you more likely to need it when travelling or going on trips?

3. The Right Time to Buy

When to buy the baby high chair depends on which type of high chair you choose. A baby high chair with integrated baby seat can be purchased in time for the birth. For most other types of high chair, you can wait with purchasing and get it once it’s time for the first solid food – usually at the age of about six months.

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