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Every baby high chair has accessories that are especially designed for your child's age and the respective everyday situations. These include travel bags for restaurant high chairs and seat boosters or inserts, seat padding and cushions for even more comfort and safety, machine-washable trays and safety bars: Each addition provides parents with more freedom and simplifies the daily routine in regard to transport, storage, comfort or cleaning the high chair. Similar to other children's products, high chair accessories can be retrofitted or just added to the baby high chair. Accessories are also a great gift for friends and relatives as the universal fit allows use with the respective product lines.

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Last Modified: 13 July 2018

Further Information

The Extras – Accessories for High Chair and Co.

If you buy a baby high chair, you have the choice: Either you get a complete set, i.e. the high chair together with comprehensive accessories, or you buy the individual components separately. In other words, you buy the high chair on its own and then get exactly those accessories you need and in the colour and design that best matches your personal requirements. To give you an overview of what is available, here is a summary of the most common accessories for baby high chairs.


1. Basic Information on Baby High Chairs and Booster High Chairs

Baby high chairs and booster high chairs are the ideal solution for offering your child a safe, child appropriate place at the grownups’ table. This is very important as having a family meal together is much more than just consuming food: the family gets together at the dinner table, talks together, socialises. The family meal has a very important social function, so it’s important to let the smallest members of the family join in, too, and let them sit at the table even when they cannot yet join in the meal itself, but are just eating baby food or nibbling the first solid foods.

2. Accessories – an Overview

The following summary of accessories for high chairs and seat cushions is by no means comprehensive, but offers parents a first overview of which accessories are available:

Seat Insert
Seat inserts are designed to reduce the size of the high chair or booster seat so even tiny babies can sit in them. This is important to provide adequate support for the child. Even if you are only using a high chair once the child can sit independently (unless there is a special newborn seat unit), small babies still need support at first, to ensure they can sit comfortably for longer periods of time.
Seat Cushion
Seat cushions ensure that the child sitting in the high chair can enjoy greater comfort. This accessory usually consists of two parts: a cushion for the seat area and a second one for the backrest. Plus, seat cushions are great for giving the high chair a colourful look.
Safety Harness
Special harness systems ensure your child’s safety. These harnesses can be purchased separately.
For some high chairs with slot-in table, there are trays available as accessories. You can attach them to the table and they are often dishwasher safe.
Chair Leg Extensions
If a high chair is to be used at the kitchen counter, the child usually sits too low down once more. Chair leg extensions can provide the solution.
Transport Bags
For portable high chairs and other compact booster high chairs, transport bags are a convenient accessory. They enable you to store and easily transport the high chair.

3. What to Watch Out For When Buying

As with all children’s furniture items and other products for children, you should watch out for safety and absence of harmful materials. It’s best if the product carries an approved safety mark that gives a clear indication that it is suitable for children. On the other hand, it’s important to look out for compatibility when buying accessories In other words: Does the accessory you chose fit onto the high chair you have? Some manufacturers only offer accessories for their own high chairs. Others offer generic products which are universally suitable.

4. The Right Time to Buy

When you should purchase the accessories depends on the specific type of accessory. Seat inserts for example should be purchased together with the high chair. Seat cushions can be added later on – perhaps also to give the high chair a new look after a while.

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