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High Chairs

High Chairs

Once a child can sit independently, he or she can be moved to a high chair. Your child can now finally sit with the adults and eat in good company. There is a large selection of high chairs for parents to chose from: Wooden high chairs, plastic high chairs, adjustable high chairs or table-chair combinations. Adapting high chairs can be seamlessly adjusted to children's different growth stages and are therefore especially comfortable. High chairs must be easy to clean and may not have sharp edges and corners.

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Last Modified: 17 July 2018

Buying Guide

1. Space for eating, discovering the world and joining in

When sitting upright finally works, it is a little revolution for child and parents. From now on, the child can join in much more with family life, and your little treasure can have both hands free for playing and experimenting. Plus, learning to sit also usually coincides with the first solid food. High chairs are the ideal piece of furniture for greater integration with family life - at the table or in the kitchen while mum is preparing food. And the high chair is usually the place where your child tries the first baby food or starts sucking the first piece of banana.

High Chairs

2. Specialist with many advantages

A high chair is perfectly designed for the needs of children - from very small to very big. High chairs are designed to enable the smallest children to sit safely and appropriately for their age. This requires a special construction: high chairs have to be particularly stable, they need to have a harness and a leg separator so the baby is kept safe, and then it should also be possible to adapt the high chair to the different development stages of your child. These are the general features every high chair should have. Additionally, there are special high chairs for specific requirements, desires and demands, and these are introduced briefly in the next section.

Wooden high chair
These high chairs accompany your child from the age of about six months to far into school age. They can be adjusted step by step so the chair adapts individually to the size and abilities of the child.
Convertible high chair
These high chairs consist of two components - a child's table and a child's chair. Both units can be used separately, as children's dining set, or in combination, as high chair.
High chair + rocker
This type of high chair is an accomplished symbiosis of high chair and rocker. More precisely, the high chair has the functionality of a baby rocker. Even children who cannot yet sit up independently can sit in one of these high chairs.
Table seat, travel high chair, restaurant high chair and booster seat
These high chairs are perfect for anyone who does not have the space for a normal high chair or wants to take the high chair along when traveling or going to a restaurant. They are lightweight, compact and easy to transport.

And if the selection of high chairs is too large, you can narrow it down by opting for one of the test winners.

4. Choosing the right timing: When to buy

The right timing for buying a high chair depends on which type of high chair you are choosing. Some high chairs are suitable even for children who cannot yet sit up. Others are best for children from six months onwards. Wooden high chairs can be used for a very long period of time, so buying them later on can still make sense, whereas travel high chairs, for example, have a rather short period of use. In this case, it's best not to wait too long before buying one.

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