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Hauck Fireplace Guard XL 65 - 267 cm charcoal black - Collection 2018

Hauck Fireplace Guard XL 65 - 267 cm charcoal black - Collection 2018
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Quick Overview

The Hauck Fireplace Guard XL 65 - 267 cm will protect your child and leave you safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to them. There are a total of five parts to this guard, with a max. length of 2.67 m. This allows you to reliably seal off potentially hazardous areas such as the chimney, or the staircase. One part comes with an integrated gate that opens in both directions.

Product Description

Crawling babies and toddlers are practically mesmerised by fire. If you’ve got a chimney in your home, then you should seal it off reliably and safely. The Hauck Fireplace Guard XL 65 - 267 cm makes this easy and convenient to do.

The Hauck Fireplace Guard XL 65 - 267 cm consists of five parts, one of which comes with a gate. You can assemble the parts in different ways. Both side parts, however, must be firmly fixed onto a wall – safety is top priority here. Depending on the width of your fireplace and whatever other requirements there may be, you can use this versatile fireplace guard to create the sealed off area that’s right for you.

The gate secures with two double locks. While these are easy for you to open, they will present an impossible challenge for your child. The gate also opens in both directions, giving you maximum convenience and freedom of movement. The lock automatically falls back into place, which prevents the possibility of leaving the gate open by accident. All of this keeps your child from potential harm and gives you the freedom to leave the room while the fire is crackling. Warmth and comfort – without the risk.

But the Hauck Fireplace Guard XL 65 - 267 cm can be used for things other than chimneys! Staircases, for instance, can also be child-proofed with this guard. Simply use it to seal off a stairway, or an entire floor, in order to prevent your child from making their way up or down. In open-plan living spaces, the guard can be used to seal off the space between the kitchen and the living room. This will prevent access to the knives, hot pans, and cleaning products found in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

At 75 cm, this guard is at a height that children will find difficult to climb over. Put simply, once your child is tall enough to be able to climb over the guard, they’ll be old enough to know and recognise the danger.

Description special features

  • Wide fireplace guard
  • 5 parts
  • 1 of the 5 parts with gate
  • Gate opens in both directions
  • Double locking mechanism for extra safety
  • Lock automatically clicks into place
  • Flexible assembly
  • 2 side parts to attach onto the wall
  • Total width: max. 267 cm
  • Height: 75 cm

Additional Information

Package Content Fireplace guard
Name Hauck Fireplace Guard XL 65 - 267 cm charcoal black - Collection 2018
Product type Safety Gates
EAN Code 4007923597057
Article number supplier 597057
Safety Gate Features Adjustable width, Swinging, Can be lengthened
Minimum Width (cm) 65
Maximum Width (cm) 267
Height (cm) 75
Weight (in kg) 13 kg
Colour Black
Colour supplier Charcoal
Measurements Length 267 cm x Width 75 cm
Package dimensions + weight Length 78 cm x Width 69 cm x Height 15 cm, Weight 11 kg
Last product update 18 August 2017

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