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Hauck 4 Way Front Back Carrier black - Collection 2018

Hauck 4 Way Front Back Carrier black - Collection 2018
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Quick Overview

With its softly padded straps and belts, the Hauck 4 Way front back carrier can offer you and your little one first-class comfort. Depending on your mood, you can either carry your baby on your front, back, or on one of your hips.

Product Description

Babies and toddlers love bodily contact. With the Hauck 4 Way front back carrier, you are offering your little one the chance to stay close to you at all times, while you yourself can enjoy the unbreakable bond you have with your child.

The requirement for using the Hauck 4 Way front back carrier is that your baby can hold their head up by themselves. Then, the first - and most popular - way of carrying it is on the front. To do this, simply open the zip in the seat area and sit your baby inside so that they are facing you. The wide seat area automatically brings your baby into a straddle position - this is the position that is recommended by doctors and midwives. Having direct contact with mum or dad, and being able to feel and hear their heartbeat, has a calming effect on a child. More often than not, babies quickly fall asleep in this position, snug and cosy in the carrier. The headrest provides additional protection and minimises any disturbances via outside influences. The wide straps cross over on your back, so the pressure is off your spine and you can hardly feel the weight of your baby as you carry them.

Older children love to be carried on mum’s or dad’s back in the Hauck 4 Way front back carrier. Here they get a fantastic view of the world. To wear the carrier on your back, simply wear the wide, padded straps like a backpack, and you’re all set to go on exciting hikes through the woods, across the beach, or in the mountains. This is ideal for parents and children who love exploring the world together.

Alternatively, you can carry your child on your right or left hip. This is great for shorter trips, or if you need to run some errands at home and your child wants to come with you. This position leaves your hands free to hang up washing, for example, or set the dinner table. You can even wear this beautiful, flexible carrier on your front with your child facing forwards.

Description special features

  • Beautiful, flexible carrier
  • Can be adjusted to suit the size of the child
  • Can be adjusted to suit the size of the person wearing the carrier
  • Padded seat
  • Wide, padded belts
  • 4 carrying positions
  • On the front, either facing you or facing forwards
  • On the back
  • On the side, on the right or left hip
  • In a seated position recommended by doctors
  • Includes head rest
  • Wipeable

Additional Information

Package Content Baby carrier
Name Hauck 4 Way Front Back Carrier black - Collection 2018
Product type Baby Carriers
EAN Code 4007923581025
Article number supplier 581025
Characteristics Baby Carriers Baby front facing, with waist belt
Age From 3 months
Weight (in kg) 1.2 kg
Colour Black
Colour supplier Black
Measurements Length 25 cm x Width 15 cm x Height 31 cm
Package dimensions + weight Length 36 cm x Width 38 cm x Height 11 cm, Weight 1 kg
Last product update 18 August 2017

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